Astralis eliminate NIP from BLAST World Finals as blameF shines

Astralis have prolonged their tournament live at the BLAST World finals by beating Ninjas in Pyjamas. The Danes took it in 2-1.

Astralis had something to prove, as their recent Vitality loss had stung the hometown heroes. They came out swinging on Inferno, giving NIP not a single chance to warm up. A quick 16-8 saw Astralis take the lead.

NIP, once again with Jonas Gundersen as their coach, made the best out of the short break in between maps and looked revitalized on Mirage. As one-sided as the first map was, so competitive were both teams on the second.

After 30 rounds, NIP edged out the victory with the smallest margin possible, 16-14, taking us to Nuke for the decider.

BlameF puts crown on MVP performance

Astralis struggled to make an impact on Nuke's T-side and had to thank the newest signee blameF for the meager 5 rounds they netted in the half. The rifle had an impressive showing throughout the entire series, fin fishing with an impressive 1.39 HLTV rating.

As both teams were equally matched, over time had to decide a winner. Astralis took it with 19-16, continuing their lower bracket run. They will face the loser of the match between Gambit and Liquid, which will take place later t0day.