Credit: PGL

Astralis coach denied IEM Dallas visa due to Iran trip

Astralis’ CSGO coach, Martin “trace” Heldt, has been denied entry to the United States. A promotional trip to Iran in 2012 means that he can’t get a travel authorization. The coach will not be able to participate in the upcoming IEM Dallas.

trace went to Iran in 2012, as part of a promotional tour for Fnatic. A player at the time, a took part in show matches in both China and Iran.

According to trace, he would have to apply for an official visa to enter the states, something that could take a long time to sort out.

Assistant coach Dennis “VNG” Vang will likely take over coaching duties, with trace helping the team from his home in Denmark.

trace only recently became head coach for Astralis, initially as a stand-in for Alexander “ave” Holdt who was serving a Valve ban, before permanently replacing him.

He previously coaches Astralis Talent and Ecstatic.

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