Astralis’ academy coach to replace banned ave for Major cycle

For those of you unaware (or who do not remember), around the time of the coaching bug bans, ave was one of those implicated.

He was found to have used the bug while working for fallen Danish brothers North, and as such is disqualified from being part of a Major competition.

Astralis have announced that Academy coach trace will take his spot during the competition.

Legendary player, tarnished coach


Astralis Talent have been quietly very solid during both the WePlay Academy League and other tournaments.

Recent BO3 wins over HONORIS and ALTERNATE aTTaX have caught the attention of a few people and a 3rd place finish in the Academy League was similarly impressive.

This is not to suggest that trace will be a great coach for the main team, but more that trace is a decent enough coach and this is not borne entirely out of desperation. 

Indeed, should Astralis perform above expectations, who is to say that he could not replace ave – given recent results for the main team have been underwhelming.

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