Blizzard at it again

Asmongold’s WoW account banned again

  • Asmongold suspended for alledged real money transactions
  • The streamer is banned for one month

Popular MMO streamer and OTK owner, Asmongold, had his WoW account suspended on Monday by Blizzard. The ban is allegedly for real money transactions (RMT).

This is not the first punishment Blizzard has handed out to the streamer: in 2020, his account was silenced, preventing him from interacting with other players.

Real money transfers mean you were caught selling or using a service within the game for Fiat money. In WoW, you can pay someone in the game’s currency to help you get carried in a competitive environment, for a raid, farming a dungeon, and much more. But not with real money.

Image: OTK

To combat RMT, Blizzard bans thousands of accounts per year.

As Asmongold puts it, after reaffirming that he did no such thing, he got suspended because “Blizzard did not get their cut.”


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As in Asmongold’s case, this solution is not foolproof. This type of ban has caught many other streamers. Most of them claim that the allegations are false.

Luckily for them, they are big enough to reach out to Blizzard.

Asmongold’s reaction to the ordeal has been calm and entertaining. He claims he didn’t do anything wrong, though he does worry about losing his mount. As far as it is known, he has not reached out to Blizzard.