The Lost Wild Trailer
Credit: Annapurna Interactive

Dino time!

Annapurna Interactive reveals trailer for The Lost Wild

Annapurna Interactive has released a trailer for the upcoming survival game, The Lost Wild. It shows off the beautiful environments players will explore alongside the dinosaurs they will encounter throughout their journey.

Developed by Great Ape Games, The Lost Wild sees you heading into the prehistoric wilderness in search of an abandoned facility that may hold answers to the island’s mysteries.

Aside from a voice on the radio, you will be alone with the island’s populace. Check out The Lost Wild trailer below.

Alongside exploring the titular Lost Wild, you will need to manage your encounters with the dinosaurs. Sometimes that might mean evading them. So, that includes sneaking around them or creating distractions to pull their attention away from you.

Other times, you might need to use intimidation tactics. As The Lost Wild trailer shows, even the scariest dinosaurs can fear fire or other weaponry they can’t grasp. So, to find out what will scare off each dinosaur, you will watch their behavior to learn the approach that might work.

Finally, there’s always running. Either way, you won’t be gunning down dinosaurs easily like in Turok. Regardless, The Lost Wild trailer looks very promising, and I’m always up for playing any game that features dinosaurs.