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Andy Milonakis calls Twitch streamer a ‘psychopath’

Andy Milonakis calls Cashmeow a ‘dangerous psychopath’ on The Andy Milonakis Show. The popular Twitch streamer calls George “Cashmeow” Brown a liar and a scammer, accusing him of lying about his wealth over the years, cheating on his wife and more.

Andy Milonakis reveals many details in the lengthy 20-minute video on his YouTube channel. Among the upheaval of information disclosed, the following are the most interesting ones:

  • Andy says that Cashmeow, one of Japan’s popular English-speaking Twitch streamers, tried to pin people against each other.
  • He also alleges that the popular Japanese Twitch streamer cheated on his wife and lied about his wealth for years.
  • Andy says that Cashmeow spread misinformation about a person who had cancer and was collecting money for his treatment through gofundme. Cashmeow accused the person of lying and scamming people under the pretence of having cancer.
  • Cashmeow’s antics almost landed the abovementioned person in legal trouble that nearly cost the latter his right to live in Japan by making up stories and spreading lies — pinning an entire community against him a week before invasive surgery.
  • He talks about Cashmeow coercing his closest mod to do his dirty work and inflicting emotional damage.
Andy Milonakis Cashmeow
Photo by Cashmeow

Why is Andy Milonakis calling Cashmeow a psychopath?

Andy Milonakis calls Cashmeow ‘a psychopath’ because of the latter’s antics and behavioural patterns.

He wishes the Japanese Twitch streamer seeks help to get better. Cashmeow is yet to respond to the accusations.

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