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The beast awakens

Ana shines as T1 cracks open Execration in TI11 SEA qualifiers

Ana shines as T1 cracks open Execration in their opening series at The International 2022 (TI11) SEA qualifiers in a dominant fashion.

Ana looked spectacular in the position one role – a role that bagged him two TI trophies – playing Marci. The two-time TI champion funnelled pure aggression into T1 – a pleasant sight even the casters have praised watching.

Along with Topson, Ana’s former teammate at OG, and two-time TI champion as well, T1’s entire playstyle has changed in stark contrast to the previous iteration.

In the previous iteration, before the inclusion of Ana and Topson, the roster was seen more on the passive side of the spectrum, focusing more on the late game.

However, with Ana and Topson’s inclusion, the gameplay has drastically taken a u-turn as T1 can be seen taking a more aggressive approach with early rotations and power plays.

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In their opening series against Execration at the TI11 SEA qualifiers, T1 utilised an uncanny draft giving the former their comfort picks, and proceeding to destroy them afterwards in both games.

T1 Ana, who currently is in the TI11 SEA qualifiers, previously noted that the DPC was "useless" for the purpose of making it to The International.
Photo by: Valve

Credits to Ana and Topson, whose inclusion has given T1 the ability to flex their muscles, owing to the superior hero pool the duo possess – an ingredient which was missing in the previous iteration of the roster prior to the TI11 SEA qualifiers.

The International 2022 SEA qualifiers are currently underway to determine the three teams attending The International 2022 — crown jewel Dota 2 event.

The winner will directly qualify for The International whereas the second and third place will proceed to the Last Chance qualifiers.

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