After Masters 2, where Jett was the only agent to enjoy a 100% pick rare, we knew a nerf was incoming.

The most recent adjustment was a hit to Jett’s ultimate the hardest. Bladestorm’s right-click is now weaker and doesn’t refill her knives. Riot also removed one smoke from her kit.

While the nerf was a step in the right direction, it does absolutely nothing to her viability at the top levels of play. There’s one reason every team picks Jett, and that reason is her utility with the Operator.

As ShahZaM explained during a recent stream, the Operator is far too clunky and slow with all agents but Jett, who can dash out as soon as she takes a shot.

If the Operator was viable with other agents, then Jett wouldn’t be as much of a must-pick as she is right now.

When you combine Jett’s ability with the Op with all of the additional utility that came to Valorant since launch, it’s safe to say that it’s about time to re-buff the Operator.

Riot Games

The gun was very strong in the early days, but we now have heaps of flashes, stuns, and smokes that naturally counter long angles.

This isn’t CS, and having only one agent who can reliably use a weapon seems downright incorrect. 

If you want to lower Jett’s pick rate, then do so with a buff to the only weapon keeping her firmly in the meta.

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