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Ame talks about retirement, Chinese fans are amazed

Ame has been consistently at the top of his game for the past few years in the competitive Dota circuit.

He is one of, if not the best, Pos. 1 players emerging out of China – and has cemented himself as one of the most stable and consistent carry players in the East.

During a live broadcast with Xiang Ge (XG), a popular Chinese streamer [equivalent to Gorgc of the West], Ame, shared few of his thoughts – including that of his retirement and eagerness to win the ever elusive title – The International Dota 2 Championships.

He informed XG that he was about to retire.

When XG asked the player about the latter’s young age and unwillingness to fight, Ame said that he had been playing Dota 2 for seven years and wanted to bow out at his peak.

He made a reference to the situation as “it being better not to fight or to be a fool”. He also expressed his concern towards the unpredictability of attending TI11 owing to the current situation due to the COVID pandemic.

At the same time, Ame revealed his wish to win The International 11 and play Diablo IV before the end of the year – besides not thinking too highly of RNG’s Dota 2 roster.

Ame’s ‘reveal’ elicited varying types of reactions from the Chinese community – good, bad and ugly. Here’s a few of them:


A person expressed his ‘distrust’ towards LGD’s current roster and its inability to win The International.
He thought that if LGD stick with the current group of players then it will definitely not be able to win, as they weren’t able to at TI10 as well.


Few people spoke in favour of the Chinese team and said that they don’t know any other team, besides PSG.LGD, that has the potential to win TI11.

However, that was met with a scathing attack from another Chinese fan trying to paint Ame in a relatively bad light. The fan questioned Ame’s poor mentality and said that he won’t win a TI if the carry player doesn’t adjust in this regard.


Few even went as far as to allege PSG.LGD’s premature celebration during The International 10 grand finals series – making an odd reference to a “halftime champagne”.

It is a well known fact that the Chinese Dota 2 fans are extremely intrusive and passionate in nature.
The same burning passion from within ignites the fire inside, which often causes mayhem, in case a Chinese team fares badly at international competitions – especially The International.

Disclaimer: The article has been transcribed to English with the best possible accuracy and knowledge of a non-Mandarin speaking dweeb.

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