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Ame god’s ‘freaky’ Pos. 1 Hero Tier List

The most flamboyant and arguably the best Pos. 1 player in the world, Wang “Ame” Chunyu has shared his Hero Tier List for 7.31b patch.

PSG.LGD’s staple and two times The International runner-up has only two heroes classified as “S” Tier; Medusa and Tiny.

It’s interesting to see Ame exclude Faceless Void, a hero he particularly excels at, from the list.

Ame’s exclusion of Faceless Void is a stark contrast to Yatoro’s tier list where the latter includes FV in the upper echelons.

Source: Reddit

Two individuals, two different set of lists. Bound to happen.

Nonetheless, in the next tier, i.e., Tier A, Ame’s choice of picks are astonishing to say the least.

Lone Druid, Naga Siren and Anti Mage make the cut, and while the first two picks are understandable, AM’s inclusion is questionable.

Reason being that Anti Mage has been widely dubbed as “crap” by many pro players, talents and community alike.

Do you agree with Ame’s list?

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