Am I The A**hole?: Spring Split Roster Move Edition

For those of you who don’t go on Reddit, congratulations. Keep it that way. 

Oh, sorry, I guess I should explain the concept of Am I The A**hole?. Basically, people ask other ‘redditors’ whether or not they were in the wrong in a situation, and it’s always blatantly obvious. 

My (least) favourite was a woman who kicked her boyfriend out for being disparaging about Beyonce. Uh, anyway. I thought it’d be a cool idea to explain who is, and who isn’t, an a**hole.

Dear Jaxon, I was considered one of the best junglers in Europe, and even the world, last season, but this season went pretty badly. I didn’t sign a contract extension and I’ve been replaced by my coinflip toplaner. Now I’m being blamed by the whole scene for anything that goes wrong. AITA?

I think we all know it’s Selfmade’s fault.

Ah wait, that’s you right? Never mind then. I think it’s fair to say that you are Not The A**hole (NTA). The only a-hole is Sam Mathews – FNATIC’s CEO – but only if rumours are to be believed. According to Selfmade, FNATIC gave Bwipo the choice of Jungle or leave after signing Adam, even though the players wanted to run it back.

Sam denies it, though. 

Anyway, let’s take a step back. FNATIC were horrible in Spring, and it felt like a change was coming. With three players out of contract at the end of the season, they had a choice to make. It’s understandable that they didn’t want to commit to a player who didn’t want to commit to them… but Bwipo jungle?

Maybe they had some weird PTSD after losing Rekkles for nothing at the end of his contract, and wanted to get ahead of the curve; and Selfmade wasn’t great in Spring. 

But then, that doesn’t really explain anything. Either commit to Bwipo and sign a jungler, or commit to Selfmade and sign a top laner. If Adam was the guy… just keep SMM, obviously. 

He’s bled into the jungle, the wide boi.

It’s not impossible Bwipo will be a great jungler. He was already too wide to be contained in top lane anyway, and he’s somewhat cerebral. At least 50% of the time, when he lands on heads.

This move makes absolutely zero sense… but maybe it’s just crazy enough to work.

Conclusion: Nobody’s An A**hole, except maybe Sam Mathews for breaking up The Boys ™. You never break up The Boys when they’re together.

Rating: 6/10 – Adam is exciting and Bwipo jungle could be great entertainment value, but it doesn’t feel like FNATIC are a better team than last split, on paper.

“This move makes absolutely zero sense… but maybe it’s just crazy enough to work.”

Me, just a little further up. You probably read it already, but I’m so great it needed reiterating.

Dear Jaxon, I’ve been waiting to get a chance on an LEC team after being hyped forever, and I finally got my chance playing with my friends. However, in my first interview, I said that Bwipo wasn’t playing top lane properly and mentioned he didn’t want to play with me. AITA?

“Yeah, he is good at the game but it doesn’t feel like he is playing top lane properly. Maybe jungle is the perfect role for him.”

LIDER when asked about Bwipo’s move to the jungle.

You’re not the a**hole, LIDER, you’re just L9. L9 AF, baby.

And anyway, if Bwipo didn’t want to be trashtalked, he wouldn’t have roleswapped and pushed Selfmade back home to L9. Nobody is going to begrudge you for going to play with your friends, especially when you’ve been desperate for a chance at this level.

*Maybe* you’ll look like an a-hole if you don’t learn to play control mages – but only to fellow pros. Us viewers WANT to see Sylas, Akali, Yone, Irelia.

Orianna, Corki, Azir metas suuuuuuck, and you are our one-man rebellion against it. You are NTA, control mage players are.

Now you’re on tour with the boys, and the tour bus is on it’s way to Shenzhen. The RatIRL Test 1 playlist is blasting through the speakers.

FNATIC vs Vitality for fourth place? Yes please.

Put that on the side of a bus.

The only possible worry is that *maybe* SLT won’t really fit in. He’s the new guy on the block, and might not be L9 enough to drive the tour bus. But if things do go wrong, I’m sure they can find a certain EU top laner who might be benched at the moment, who’s proven himself to be pretty L9 on Team Liquid (or a similar team). 

More on that later.

Conclusion: NTA. Everyone wants to see this move. I guess we can blame Selfmade for this happening if we have to.

Rating: (L)9/10

Dear Jaxon, I tweeted about my love for fast food and now everyone thinks I’m subtweeting my coach :(. AITA?

Barney. Come on. Be honest with us.

If you’ve somehow missed this drama – after Alphari’s shock benching from Team Liquid, Jatt said that it wasn’t a ‘spur of the moment’ thing. 

I think Alphari disagreed.

He then doubled down.

Clearly he took the McDonalds memes a little too far. NA has really corrupted the guy.


But Alphari isn’t. Yet. (via Getty Images)

So, who’s at fault here? Uh, nobody can know for sure. We have no explanation as to his benching, but it’s probably not for gameplay reasons. Unless getting first blooded in every single game of the LCS Finals counts, but that’s none of my business…

Alphari hasn’t been perfect, and his response to this could make you think he’s the a-hole here. But what you’re not realising, is that this is so goddamn funny. What a set of tweets that is.

For that reason alone, we blame Team Liquid. Corporate answer, no explanation and a downgrade in the top lane, vs hilarious tweets and good performances. Easy choice.

Alphari might end up on Vitality after all if he carries on being this L9.

Conclusion: NTA.

Rating: 3/10. Downgrade in the top lane, downgrade in the banter game.

Dear Jaxon, I had a good thing going with a guy we nicknamed ‘Chocolate’ but God came to me in a dream and told me it was the Year of the Duck, so I had to change midlaner. AITA?

Chocolate 🙁

Let’s get one thing clear. It’s not the Year of the Duck, no matter what your dreams say.

Yeah, YTA. Czekolad wasn’t great, but there’s at least room to grow there. Nukeduck hasn’t grown past an atomic duckling in years.

A real shame. EXCEL were pretty interesting last year, and the upgrade in support was an exciting one, but then like Cadbury World, without Chocolate, nobody cares about your story.

Conclusion: YTA

Rating: 4/10 – would be 1/10 but Denyk is so much better than Tore it’s almost salvageable.

Dear Jaxon, I performed a miracle dragging my team to playoffs a year ago. People started saying that Faker was as good as me, which I thought was disrespectful. Now I’ve been sold across the ocean for a massive payrise because the football team that owns us suck.  AITA?

Nah, NTA.

Schalke FC treating their esports team like a Christmas puppy and getting rid of it when times are tough has properly screwed the team, and now they had no choice but to sell their prize asset. That’s you, Abbedagge.

Enjoy the weather, food and payrise kiddo. It could definitely be worse. If you complain much more you might become the a-hole, but for now, it’s whoever got the football team relegated who has to answer for this.

Conclusion: NTA.

Rating: 3/10 for Schalke (Nuclearint might be alright, it’s a cool name if nothing else), 9/10 for 100T (as long as he gets to play something other than Karma).

When you realise you don’t have Abbedagge next year. (via Getty Images)

Dear Jaxon, I got a chance in LEC as a jungler, but after a pretty decent split I’ve been cut, with the team citing communication issues once pushed, but they’ve panicked and replaced me with a support player. Was I that hard to work with? AITA?

Hmm, this is a difficult one without all the context – but I don’t need it to see through the nonsense.

It’s tempting to say Nobody Sucks Here (NSH), but if they’re replacing you with a support and bringing in the coach to the support position, you screwed up fella.

SK must have known Tynx was a risk – everyone in EUW solo-queue, or in his previous teams, would attest to that – but something dodgy must have happened.

It’s a horrible situation for everyone, and SK will almost certainly be terrible this split, but you must have screwed up BAD.

Conclusion: YTA, almost certainly.

Rating: 2/10. Moving your best player to jungle, and bringing your coach in? Eesh.

Welcome to your new home, Treatz. (via Getty Images)