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The Global Elite

All the ranks in CSGO in order

CSGO is an astonishingly complex game for newcomers, everything is so overwhelming, especially the different ranks.

Even after countless years of playing CSGO, players still have trouble distinguishing the ranks.

Unfortunately, CSGO didn’t choose the basic “Rank 1,2,3” approach like everyone else…

Anyway, here are all the CSGO ranks in order.

Silver ranks

Silver ranks are typically known as beginner ranks.

Players usually find themselves in this rank when it’s their first time playing the game or can’t delegate enough time to the game to climb the ranks.

You should probably buy some cool skins to compensate for your silver rank.

The silver ranks order is as follows:

Silver one – Silver two – Silver three – Silver four – Silver Elite – Silver Elite Master (top to bottom on image).

Once completing these ranks and surpassing the last silver rank, “Silver Elite Master,” you will rank into the next “stage” of the ranking system. Known as “Gold Nova” ranks.

Gold Nova ranks

We are beginning to get to the more socially accepted ranks.

You guys aren’t quite respected yet, but you’re getting there.

Gold Nova’s aren’t seen as terrible, but they aren’t viewed as mechanical geniuses.

You enter Gold Nova after surpassing “Silver Elite Master.”

The Gold Nova ranks are as follows:

Gold Nova one – Gold Nova two – Gold Nova three – Gold Nova Master (top to bottom on image).

Following the Gold Nova ranks comes the “Master Guardian” ranks.

Master Guardian

Respected CSGO gamers own these ranks.

Master Guardian ranks are the players who are beginning to become hardened CSGO players.

You enter the master guardian ranks after surpassing the “Gold Nova Master” rank.

The Master Guardian ranks are as follows:

Master Guardian 1 – Master Guardian 2 – Master Guardian Elite – Distinguished Master Guardian (top to bottom on image).

These ranks also, as seen, have pretty lovely designs.

Legendary Eagle, Supreme Master, The Global Elite

The upper echelon CSGO players obtain the following ranks.

These are unstoppable players and, to be honest, should consider taking a break from the game.

You enter these ranks after surpassing the “Master Guardian” ranks and completing “Distinguished Master Guardian.”

The ranks are as follows:

Legendary Eagle – Legendary Eagle Master – Supreme Master First Class – The Global Elite (top to bottom on image).

These are the “endgame” ranks; as you can see, they have the most exaggerated names and fantastic designs.

But, if you achieve “The Global Elite” rank, you are a genuinely worthy CSGO player, and I’m sure you will never forget obtaining this rank, as it’s quite the achievement.