All signs point to a Fortnite X Jurassic World crossover

Fortnite crossovers are hardly news, at this point. In Season 2, alone, we've already gotten additional Marvel Crossovers, a new Icon Series skin, Wu-Tang, and more.

The next sensible crossover will, most likely, be with the upcoming Jurassic World Dominion - releasing June 10.

The timing lines up with the next Fortnite season, and data miners have already found the "Baller V2" in the game files.

This Baller will, most likely, be similar to the one seen in the film. Rideable animals are also coming to the game, which will probably include raptors.

If you're a fan of Chris Pratt and were disappointed that he wasn't the in-game Star Lord, then this is your time to snag him.