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All released League of Legends Prestige skins

League of Legends prestige skins

Prestige skins are some of the most noteworthy cosmetics in all of League of Legends, with lots of special attention to the splash art and abilities.

Many skin lines in League of Legends are released with a prestige skin. Essentially, this takes one of the skins and alters it. Prestige skins are usually the only skins in the game to have heavy gold colors, but this isn’t always the case. To get them, players have to collect event tokens through League of Legends’ version of a battle pass. There’s also a rotating mythic shop that they’re available from every few years.

For those saving their mythic tokens to buy the best League of Legends has to offer, it’s good to know all of the prestige skins in the game.

All League of Legends Prestige Skins

Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox

Blood Moon Aatrox prestige

“Aatrox has been loosed upon the mortal plane. A creature born in the heart of the Blood Moon, he is the progenitor of all demons, and a malignant darkness that will consume the entire world.”

Taking Aatrox’s signature red and changing it to gold is one way to stand out in the jungle.

Prestige DRX Aatrox

DRX Aatrox prestige

“Aatrox is DRX’s #1 fan, and he’s got the goods to prove it, turning heads with his blue-and-white nod to the South Korean superstars. DRX and T1 supporters alike line up at Worlds to take photos, but he won’t let his newfound fame distract him. He’s just there to watch his favorite team take home the Summoner’s Cup.”

Prestige DRX Aatrox is here for the party, showing up in stunning crystals.

Prestige K/DA Ahri

KDA Ahri prestige

“Decked out to dazzle, K/DA Ahri charms her audience in a glittering, golden ensemble specially made for her band’s 2019 Pop Shine Awards performance. Her Prestige Edition outfit celebrates the golden success of POP/STARS. Can you feel the rush now?”

While it’s not the expensive Faker Ahri skin, Prestige K/DA Ahri still shines on Summoner’s Rift.

Prestige Coven Akali

Coven Akali prestige

“Arriving clad in a bold and sporty body suit, Akali’s gala attire has us all spellbound. Subversive and on the cutting edge of fashion, she’s fierce and redefines how we think of the wicked witch of the woods.”

Prestige Coven Akali gives her a new bodysuit that instills confidence.

Prestige K/DA Akali

KDA Akali prestige

“K/DA Akali is on fire right now, spitting rap solos at the Pop Music Awards—and her prestigious costume is exactly what you’d expect from the new golden child of pop.”

Gold and white are the prestige colors for K/DA, and Akali rocks them with crystal weapons.

Prestige Debonair Brand

Debonair Brand prestige

“With a blisteringly fashionable custom suit, the plans for which he burned, Brand stands on the precipice of something he has long thought beyond his reach: defeating his rivals and standing atop the greatest aristocrats in the world.”

Brand looks like royalty in his Prestige Debonair fit.

Prestige Arcade Caitlyn

Arcade Caitlyn prestige

“Appearing most recently in “Sniper Cop 7” as a golden-clad secret character, Caitlyn’s popularity has finally transcended games as a medium.”

Prestige Arcade Caitlyn is the final boss of League of Legends prestige skins. Before Veigar, at least.

Prestige Winterblessed Camille

Winterblessed Camille prestige

“No one dances between the runway and the fashion house like Camille. She relishes letting her rivals mistake her cold demeanor for disinterest, only to be stomped into dust by her cutting edge designs. For this year’s Winter Gala, she aims to leave everyone with fashionable blessings, as long as they remember who they got them from.”

Prestige Winterblessed Camille is waiting for anyone to get the courage to attack her.

Prestige Battle Queen Diana

Battle Queen Diana prestige

“After revealing the truth at her nomination ceremony, Diana will let nothing stand in her way. Clad in new armor as steely as her resolve, Diana intends to subdue the Tournament’s monsters—and the power-hungry religious order that has stifled Eosia.”

Like the queen she is, Battle Queen Diana fully embraces her royal side in gold, white, and pink.

Prestige Star Guardian Ekko

Star Guardian Ezreal prestige

“Ekko doesn’t need magical powers to look like a star. He rocks an effortless streetwear style wherever he goes, turning heads and paparazzi lenses alike. Appreciating the look? Take it all in. He’s got time.”

Prestige Star Guardian Ekko is jumping into the fray with golden accessories and his clone cheering him on.

Prestige High Noon Evelynn

High Noon Evelynn prestige

“Ateliers near and far always ask Evelynn to wear their haute couture, but for this Gala, she’s bringing her edgy elegance to a rowdier line of Western wear instead. What is fashion if not a wild new frontier? If there’s anyone who knows how to take style by the reins and ride it into the sunset, it’s this rodeo queen.”

Complete with a bejeweled corset, Prestige High Noon Evelynn is the epitome of high class and a very popular pick among League of Legends prestige skins.

Prestige K/DA Evelynn

KDA Evelynn prestige

“With that wild in her veins, K/DA Evelynn stomps into the spotlight, shimmering in a custom golden outfit from the Pop Music Awards. Only ‘winning, winning’ now.”

Prestige K/DA Evelynn might be invisible at times, but she’s golden bright when she catches enemies.

Prestige Heavenscale Ezreal

Heavenscale Ezreal prestige

“Ezreal’s gilded gala garb is fit for royalty. Adorned in hand-crafted scales and crystal horns, this tastemaker came to the party with a mission: ring in the New Year not just with a bang, but a roar.”

Ezreal goes from mischievous troublemaker to princely gala attendee with Prestige Heavenscale Ezreal.

Prestige PsyOps Ezreal

PsyOps Ezreal prestige

“Ezreal’s mastery of psychic military combat has driven him to new heights, attracting the attention of his handlers in High Command. He’s calmed down a bit, earning some respect from his squad mates… but not enough. He’s never calmed down enough.”

League of Legends’ golden boy turns gold with the Prestige PsyOps Ezreal skin.

Prestige Lunar Beast Fiora

Lunar Beast Fiora prestige

“Long days of community service and long nights of tactical planning have left Fiora not drained but energized. Her steely determination has hardened into foresight and loyalty. Whatever the Lunar Beast throws at them, Ox Squad knows Fiora has their back.”

Prestige Lunar Beast Fiora keeps her quirky personality while incorporating golden horns.

Prestige Fuzz Fizz

Fuzz Fizz prestige

“There’s something deeply unnerving about a bipedal Cocker Spaniel mix running around society unchecked, stabbing pedestrians with a tennis ball grabber, and summoning other, bigger dogs out of the ground. And yet, here we all are. Together.”

Prestige Fuzz Fizz literally takes the crown as the cutest Cocker Spaniel in the game.

Prestige Mecha Kingdoms Garen

Mecha Kingdoms Garen prestige

“Having been elected the leader of the United Great Kingdoms, Garen will stop at nothing until the safety of his people is ensured. Armed with an Avalon upgraded to the teeth, he stands at the forefront of the mightiest warriors from across the land, determined to lead them into battle until the leviathans are no more.”

Garen finally dresses like the royalty he is with a golden suit in Prestige Mecha Kingdoms Garen.

Prestige Project: Irelia

Project Irelia prestige

“There are moments when Irelia and the other outcasts remember who they once were, before PROJECT exiled them into a wasteland filled with sand-blasted monuments to corporate greed. These memories are fleeting, the last flickering images of a long-compromised humanity.”

With golden highlights, Prestige Project: Irelia is a fashion icon wherever she is.

Prestige Cyber Halo Janna

Cyber Halo Janna prestige

“Always a breath of fresh air in the fashion world, Janna took a risk working with a new designer for her high-tech red carpet look. That risk was well worth it: the future of fashion is here, and it’s looking bright.”

Prestige Cyber Halo Janna is a massive leap forward from the regular version of the skin, incorporating beautiful crystal textures.

Prestige Conqueror Jax

Conqueror Jax prestige

“Celebrating MSI 2021 in Reykjavík.”

Prestige Conqueror Jax flips the script a bit, adding inverted colors from the original design.

Prestige Battle Cat Jinx

Battle Cat Jinx prestige

“Unleashed and brandishing an arsenal of squid-stomping explosives strong enough to knock over a Primordian warship, Jinx has the enemy right in her claws. With this Battle Cat on the prowl? The war is as good as over.”

Who knew absolute chaos could look as good as Prestige Battle Cat Jinx makes it?

Prestige K/DA Kai’Sa

KDA KaiSa prestige

“Fresh from her appearance at the annual Pop Music Awards, K/DA Kai’Sa is now wearing a prestigious all-gold costume—catching the eye of the entire world.”

Prestige K/DA Kai’Sa turns her into the star of the group, shining in gold.

Prestige K/DA All Out Kai’Sa

KDA All Out KaiSa prestige

“When Kai’Sa wanted a red carpet outfit to match her growing confidence in her artistry, she sought Evelynn’s advice. With sharp tailoring and embellishments that match her excellence in execution, Kai’Sa’s ready to shine on and off the stage.”

With gold and purple crystals, Prestige K/DA All Out Kai’Sa is a force to reckon with.

Prestige Faerie Court Katarina

Faerie Court Katarina prestige

“Don’t let the butterflies fool you: otherworldly elegance may be Katarina’s game, but that gala-ready look is sharper than her knives. Fashion is a metamorphosis, after all. Try to keep up.”

Prestige Faerie Court Katarina embodies everything the Faerie Court skin line stands for: beauty and danger.

Prestige Empyrean Kayle

Empyrean Kayle prestige

“When flames swept through Kayle’s studio, at first she was overcome with grief. She had lost everything, but then realized that the fire freed her to do—and be—more. Now she returns to the Gala with her new line, Neon Flame, crossing styles, materials, and forms. Kayle has been reborn, and she will transcend everyone.”

Kayle finally comes out of her shell and shows her face in Prestige Empyrean Kayle.

Prestige Nightbringer Kayn

Nightbringer Kayn prestige

“Kayn and Rhaast are forged anew in the crucible of their clash. No longer are they a mere weapon, a mere demigod— they are forces of nature, warping each other and the raw energy around them, each hurtling towards a victory sure to shake the firmament itself.”

Whether Kayn or Rhaast wins the internal battle, both look stunning in Prestige Nightbringer Kayn.

Prestige Porcelain Kindred

Porcelain Kindred prestige

“The hunter and the hound stalk the runway in white-feathered armor with cerulean plating. The refractions of images that dance in the crystals embossed on both bow and headdress dare the audience to reflect on the past year, their fashion feats, and faux pas.”

Both Wolf and Kindred look incredible and united in Prestige Porcelain Kindred.

Prestige Empyrean K’Sante

Empyrean KSante prestige

“K’Sante’s always been a trailblazer on the fashion circuit, and this year he definitely wants to make the audience sweat. With his crystal-laden drip and flawless makeup, he’s about to light a fire under this Gala.”

Prestige Empyrean K’Sante barely fits the original skin line, instead letting K’Sante shine without neon colors.

Prestige Coven LeBlanc

Coven LeBlanc prestige

“Resurrected by the Black Crane, LeBlanc has rejoined her sisters with renewed purpose—yet the gifts of the Old Gods do not come without a price. As her body twists into new and strange forms, LeBlanc has discovered that she is the vessel through which her own dead god will return, and that it has granted her impossible power.”

LeBlanc’s Prestige Coven skin turns her into the most fabulous witch in all of League of Legends.

Prestige Nightbringer Lee Sin

Nightbringer Lee Sin prestige

“Fully consumed by chaos and his blind devotion to the thrill of battle, Lee Sin has become night incarnate, gilded by his divinity.”

Golden fire consumes Prestige Nightbringer Lee Sin.

Prestige Battle Academia Leona

Battle Academia Leona prestige

“After being selected for the yearly cross-academy tournament, Leona sharpened her combat prowess almost every free moment she had, knowing she had to beat out other top-ranking students from rival schools like Durandal, Babylon, Amrita, and Sharur. Her bloodlust now honed and her shield at the ready, she will pummel anyone who challenges her into a meaty pulp.”

Prestige Battle Academia Leona is ready to charge in and defend her classmates like the golden student she is.

Prestige Porcelain Lissandra

Porcelain Lissandra prestige

“What is fashion, if not sculpture? Is it not beauty and elegance in physical form? The portrait of glamor in white, blue, and gold, Lissandra is a work of art, on and off the runway.”

Elegantly drinking tea, Prestige Porcelain Lissandra is a true work of art.

Prestige Pulsefire Lucian

Pulsefire Lucian prestige

“Through his work in bringing their opponents to justice, Lucian earned the personal attention and gratitude of Thresh, leader of the Remembrancers. Armed with special modifications to his Pulsefire suit, Lucian embarks on his relentless pursuit across timelines. Through it all, however, he can’t shake the feeling that this upgrade isn’t all it seems…”

Prestige Pulsefire Lucian takes golden gun to a whole new level.

Prestige Space Groove Lulu

Space Groove Lulu prestige

“Fresh off a visit from the Three Party Goddesses in the center of the galaxy, Lulu’s more in tune with the Groove than ever. Her visions are even more potent, her beats are even more irresistible, and no one knows where Lulu’s going to pop up next.”

Prestige Space Guardian Lulu is like the sun in the Space Guardian universe.

Prestige Battle Academia Lux

Battle Academia Lux prestige

“Now in her second year at Durandal Academy, Lux has been hardened by the harrowing trials, losses, and betrayals that punctuated her freshman experience. Following the climactic clash with a certain Rogue God-Weapon, Lux has mastered her powers and risen to take her place as head of the Sorcery Club, as well as the new class president.”

Lux finally lets her hair down with Prestige Battle Academia Lux.

Prestige Porcelain Lux

Porcelain Lux prestige

“A leader bends, but never breaks. In the Protectors’ pursuit of ancient evil, Lux has navigated her team over obstacles that even the archeologist — in all his unbridled confidence — thought insurmountable. Lux’s power, once a dim light in a darkened world, now shines brightly. And her ragtag group of fragile personalities, the Protectors? With her support, deserving of their title.”

Prestige Porcelain Lux infuses golden and blue light with adorable bunnies.

Prestige Dark Star Malphite

Dark Star Malphite prestige

“Gilded by the Dark Star’s touch and empowered through its radiance, Malphite barrels across space, demolishing entire systems and consuming the broken remnants into his immense and twisted form.”

With Prestige Dark Star Malphite, players can launch themselves at enemies in a golden light.

Prestige Spirit Blossom Master Yi

Spirit Blossom Master Yi prestige

“Yi arrives at the Spirit Blossom Fashion Festival, donning tinted shades and the finest fabrics. While others prefer to celebrate with close family and friends, Yi revels in the attention his outfit brings, intent to cement his style ‘legacy.’”

Take the fight to the fashion world with Prestige Spirit Blossom Master Yi.

Prestige Bewitching Miss Fortune

Bewitching Miss Fortune prestige

“Having wrestled control of the lion’s share of sweets from ghastly spirits and unruly children alike, Miss Fortune now rules over the night. Her reign is one filled with revelry and mischief.”

Halloween is golden with Prestige Bewitching Miss Fortune.

Prestige Broken Covenant Miss Fortune

Broken Covenant Miss Fortune prestige

“Every year, thousands make the pilgrimage to the Gala, hoping to catch a glimpse of Miss Fortune’s latest look. Never keen on shunning her faithful, she always treats each devotee as if they were a fellow family member. Even so, her rivals know to not cross her, lest they feel her wrath.”

Prestige Broken Covenant Miss Fortune is magical, incorporating crystals, navy, and white in a beautiful League of Legends prestige skin.

Prestige Bewitching Morgana

Bewitching Morgana prestige

“Literal magic wasn’t necessary for Morgana to nab top prize in the holiday costume contest. But that didn’t stop her from casting a figurative spell on the judges with her enchanting ensemble. This is a party they won’t soon forget!”

Prestige Bewitching Morgana almost looks like a superhero.

Prestige Space Groove Nami

Space Groove Nami prestige

“Nami has been serving up splashy looks at the Gala for a long time and has never been one to swim with the current trends. This season, she’s showcasing her musical side, hoping to push the show to a new, groovier beat. With a stage as nice as the Gala’s, why not dance on it?”

While Space Groove Nami is a precious pop of color, Prestige Space Groove Nami is a more serious stellar spectacle.

Prestige Star Guardian Neeko

Star Guardian Neeko prestige

“Neeko and the Star Guardians emerge from their battle forever changed, friendships reforged in the face of stunning victory and brutal loss. They will save their lost companion—perhaps not now, but one day—and they will do it together.”

Prestige Star Guardian Neeko also includes an adorable frog friend.

Prestige Ascended Pantheon

Ascended Pantheon prestige


“Pantheon was defeated once, but with all of Runeterra on the line now Atreus must defeat it himself. Seizing back control from the Aspect of War, Atreus harnesses the celestial power of Targon itself—briefly becoming not just a vessel or an Aspect, but something new. Something immensely powerful and entirely his own.”

Prestige Ascended Pantheon is actually the prestige version of the Ruined Pantheon skin, becoming a light when the League of Legends world goes dark.

Prestige Soul Fighter Pyke

Soul Fighter Pyke prestige

“Pyke’s fashion-forward fit impresses not only the rich and famous at the Gala of Souls, but all those watching at home—and his fans from the Lands Beyond. The edgy aesthetics and glossy flame motifs all but guarantee him a spot on the list of any discerning judge. After all, if Pyke’s not on your list, you’ll end up on his…”

Prestige Soul Fighter Pyke hung up his fighting swords for fashion.

Prestige True Damage Qiyanna

True Damage Qiyanna prestige

“Always a fixture in the spotlight, Qiyana dressed to impress at True Damage’s sold-out concert in Paris. While the paparazzi swarmed her with photos and questions, she reveled in the attention, knowing this was only the beginning of her empire of celebrity.”

The Louis Vuitton collaboration with League of Legends resulted in Prestige True Damage Qiyanna.

Prestige Dragonmancer Rakan

Dragonmancer Rakan prestige

“The dragon-blessed Rakan sports clean-cut scale textures and sharp selections of armor to highlight his best angles. His charm shines through the elegant, organic swoops of his form-fitting wear—and his devotion to the runway is unbeatable.”

When it comes to posing for the cameras, no one does it quite like Prestige Dragonmancer Rakan.

Prestige La Ilusion Renata Glasc

La Ilusion Renata Glasc prestige

“From fashion model to maven, Renata owns one of the largest fashion houses showing at the Gala. After all this time, enough critics have declared her “death” after a poor show that she wears the label proudly, invigorating the spirit of her company and makeshift family. In the end, only she controls the threads of life and death, on the runway at least.”

Renata isn’t just a wealthy chemist and businesswoman. Prestige La Ilusion Renata Glasc shows she’s also a talented fashion mogul.

Prestige Valiant Sword Riven

Valiant Sword Riven prestige

“Riven’s destiny is greater than she knows. One day she will determine the fate of the heavens, land, and sea, and awaken the slumbering power of the dragon within her.”

Prestige Valiant Sword Riven has a confident, golden shine.

Prestige Lunar Eclipse Senna

Lunar Eclipse prestige

“Burning up the runway in a look inspired by an ancient order of magical knights, Senna brings a cold, but determined energy to the Gala proceedings. Evil beware — these looks can kill… and kill again.”

Prestige Lunar Eclipse Senna is a fashion icon at the gala.

Prestige True Damage Senna

True Damage Senna prestige

“Having topped the charts once more, Senna finds herself in the familiar space of fame and celebrity. Between cosmetics deals and fashion shows, she offers a clear message to fans and haters alike: Don’t call it comeback. Senna’s been here for years.”

Prestige True Damage Senna is another result of the Louis Vuitton x League of Legends collaboration, and her gun shows it.

Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine

Ocean Song Seraphine prestige

“Never content to swim with the tide, Seraphine’s making waves with her new sea breeze look. Whether it’s on the runway or the concert stage, beach season’s open, and the water’s warm.”

As always, Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine is taking her singing talents to a new audience, this time the ocean.

Prestige Obsidian Dragon Sett

Obsidian Dragon prestige

“After cementing his reputation as an indomitable pit fighter, Sett used his winnings to give his mother the comfortable life of their dreams. With her happiness secured, Sett returns to the pits, determined to mentor talented young fighters and remake the fighting pits into a system that rewards not the richest or the largest, but the most determined.”

Prestige Obsidian Dragon Sett shows off the fighter in a mix of gold, white, blue, and red.

Prestige Mythmaker Sivir

Mythmaker Sivir prestige

“Sivir seeks nothing short of opulence, her beautiful clothes symbols of personal success as much as they are points of sartorial pride. It’s important that she looks impeccable: the New Year is here, after all, and starting it off right means stepping out in style.”

When it comes to impeccable fashion, Prestige Mythmaker Sivir is everyone’s goal.

Prestige Immortal Journey Sona

Immortal Journey Sona prestige

“A virtuoso artist radiating passion in whatever she does, Sona paused her promising music career to enroll in fashion school. Now a graduate, the Gala is the first showing of her debut line, and Sona is more than happy to let her work do the talking. Unlike her classmates, she has no dreams of becoming immortal through her designs. The journey is enough.”

fffffImmortal Journey Sona is as much about music as it is about fashion.

Prestige Star Guardian Soraka

Star Guardian Soraka prestige

“Leaving the planet behind with Xayah and the other Star Guardians, Soraka’s full powers have been unlocked by her undying love for her friends—in the hopes that one day they will find their companion lost in the final battle with the Twilight Star, and be a family once again.”

Similar to the other prestige Star Guardian skins, Prestige Star Guardian Soraka is infused with golden light and blonde hair.

Prestige Soul Fighter Shaco

Soul Fighter Shaco prestige

“Shaco is never predictable; his unique (and often terrifying) looks make him a hit with judges year after year. Now adorned in gold and ivory lace, Shaco claims to be making a statement about fast fashion and the constraints it puts on designers and models. Or maybe he just wants an excuse to show off his soul-power arms.”

Shaco’s smile has never looked quite as deranged as it does with Prestige Soul Fighter Shaco.

Prestige Project: Sylas

Project Sylas prestige

“With the Outcasts, G/Netic, and Project itself faced with an insurmountable enemy, each faction turns to dangerous experimental technologies and long-lost robotics of a past age, hoping for an edge. Sylas, however, had a plan all along—integrating jailbroken corporate upgrades for the ultra-wealthy, so he can one day turn them on Project.”

Prestige Project Sylas is one of the only prestige skins that give the Champion more clothes instead of less.

Prestige Star Guardian Syndra

Star Guardian Syndra prestige

“A vision in silk and shadow, Syndra doesn’t need hordes of adoring fans (though she has them) nor hundreds of eager ateliers desperate to design for her (though she has those, too), because she is always at the center of her own orbit. Her secret? Starlight never goes out of style.”

Prestige Star Guardian Syndra waits for enemies to make the mistake of coming to her.

Prestige High Noon Talon

High Noon Talon prestige

“Devilishly handsome and wearing the latest in Western chic, Talon is equally ready to rock the runway or ride the open road. Those boots are made for walking, and he’ll walk all over anyone standing in his way.”

As one of League of Legends’ top assassins, the Prestige High Noon Talon skin does him justice.

Prestige Spirit Blossom Teemo

Spirit Blossom Teemo prestige

“Having abstained from pranking his ‘best friend forever’ literally once, the Spirit of Salvation has gifted Teemo with his wildest dream—becoming shiny and gold. Never one to leave anybody alone, ever, he has promised his BFF to prank them at every opportunity, every day, until they die and join him in the spirit realm. Good luck to them.”

Whether Teemo’s an angel or devil is up for debate, but Prestige Spirit Blossom Teemo sure looks like an innocent being.

Prestige Pulsefire Thresh

Pulsefire Thresh prestige

“As paradoxes multiply and more rogue agents rebel against the grasp of the chrono-enforcers, Thresh, as commander of the Rembrancers, takes matters into his own hands. He must not yield control of time to these interlopers… nor to the growing Praetorian threat.”

Getting caught by Thresh’s golden hook in his Prestige Pulsefire skin is a fast way to lose in League of Legends.

Prestige Firecracker Vayne

Firecracker Vayne prestige

“Vayne has donned her even finer Lunar Revel garb, noting the growing anxiety around her explosive-shooting metal wrist-pig. Fashion upgrades solve all problems.”

Prestige Firecracker Vayne is here for a good time, not a long time.

Prestige Duality Dragon Volibear

Duality Dragon Volibear prestige

“Volibear stands poised between the two drives of his core self—rage and mercy, impulse and restraint, neither overwhelming the other. Balance is an active struggle; each day the predator and protector clash, and each day Volibear’s will grows stronger by the grace of the dragon’s gift.”

Prestige Duality Dragon Volibear is giving into his darker side, being consumed in red instead of blue.

Prestige Winterblessed Warwick

Winterblessed Warwick prestige

“It can get rough on the runway, but everybody knows better than to mess with Warwick. Between his razor sharp cuts, impeccable grooming, and wolfpack entourage, the Gala better think twice before it calls this one a beast.”

Prestige Winterblessed Warwick waits for his enemies instead of chasing them down.

Prestige Brave Phoenix Xayah

Brave Phoenix Xayah prestige

“Her heart unwavering, Xayah carries the fenghuang’s blessing with her across the once peaceful lands. She makes quick work of those who would lay waste to the relics of the past, her magic mirroring their beauty in a harmonious dance. If they wield their power in order to honor their ancestors, Xayah is confident that the forces of good will prevail.”

Prestige Brave Phoenix Xayah rips up bot lane with a cute pink fit.

Prestige Inkshadow Yasuo

Inkshadow Yasuo prestige

“Sporting an elevated take on traditional Ionian menswear coupled with a fearlessly bare set of stunning blackout tattoos, Yasuo’s gala look celebrates elegant rebellion, sartorial subversion, and an uprising of unprecedented design.”

The king of the gala is Prestige Inkshadow Yasuo, and no one can tell him otherwise.

Prestige True Damage Yasuo

True Damage Yasuo prestige

“After the global success of “GIANTS,” reclusive producer-extraordinaire Yasuo was inundated with requests. From record deals to clothing sponsorships, he turned down one after another, preferring to stay out of the limelight to focus on the simple joys of making beats. However, A Bathing Ape somehow managed to secure his attention. Now, donning golden threads to match his musical brilliance, Yasuo holds the world’s ears at attention—with fans and critics alike waiting to hear his next revolutionary track.”

Prestige True Damage Yasuo is yet again serving designer looks. Unlike most League prestige skins, these clothes can actually be obtained in real life.

Prestige HEARTSTEEL Yone

Heartsteel Yone prestige

“As an enigmatic music producer, Yone may say he doesn’t enjoy the limelight, but he couldn’t help but dress to impress for the band’s chart-topping debut in a smart, sleek fit worthy of his sharp swordsmanship and even sharper style. It’d be a shame to hide behind a computer when you look this cool.”

Prestige HEARTSTEEL Yone is the centerpiece of the boy band.

Prestige Project: Zed

Project Zed prestige

“Faced with imminent defeat at the hands of Mordekaiser and the numberless hordes of infected machines, Zed seeks out a dilapidated research facility in the heart of the wasteland, searching for illegal and potentially dangerous upgrades. His return may mark a tipping point in the battle for the City… though he has transformed into something beyond both human and machine.”

Sparks fly in the Prestige Project: Zed skin.

Prestige Arcanist Zoe

Arcanist Zoe prestige

“Having temporarily outsmarted the mad Arcanist Shaco and absconded with his precious tome of magic, Zoe’s power has been elevated beyond even some of her instructors. Her instructors are extremely worried about this. Most people are extremely worried about this.”

Prestige Arcanist Zoe looks like the complete opposite of her trouble-making self.

Prestige Coven Zyra

Coven Zyra prestige

“The old gods stir, and rise once more to greet their sun but she is slain, devoured by the daughters of the eclipse. On this lightless day they will rage, and quake, and howl, so all men shall know their first and final doom.”

Prestige Coven Zyra is truly a god on Summoner’s Rift in her League of Legends prestige skin.

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