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How to solve all Ouranos Island challenges in Sonic Frontiers

Okay, we are almost there—almost at 100% completion. Remember all the Sonic Frontiers challenges that your little bluish hedgehog has been through along this journey and stay focused: Ouranos Island is a late-game island and will only be accessible from a certain point through the game story.

Prepare yourself for more Tetris challenges and a new, highly random challenge for a late game where you must catch a ball. In the meantime, have fun reading all our Ouranos Island challenges solutions!

Solutions to Sonic Frontiers’ Ouranos Island challenges

  • M-079

A simple jumping challenge. Jump at the yellow platform and the others without falling on the ground.

  • M-080

Activate the challenge at the ball totem. Now you must catch the ball without it falling.

  • M-081

Another Sonic Football challenge. Shoot through the circles to win!

  • M-082

Tetris time! Cyloop around the Tetris-like pieces in order

  • M-083

Jump the ropes in 15 straight seconds without getting hit by the laser.

  • M-084

Evade 20 times across the green light platforms. Easy enough.

  • M-085

Hit the compass and run through the square and against the clock. There’s little time!

  • M-086

This one is only accessible during the night. You’ll have to find the crystal glowing things in the area and loop around them.

  • M-087

Tetris challenge. Start with the yellow one, then the blue, purple, and black pieces.

  • M-088

Another running challenge like the M-085 one. Just follow the square indicators trail.

  • M-089

Catch the light creature.

  • M-090

Loop around the nest and jump at the flower that’ll appear. After that, fall between the square indicators.

  • M-091

Hit the compass and run like no hedgehog has ever done before to reach the mountain’s peak. Start by jumping on the spring near the hill’s end and follow the Sonic-logic pathway.

  • M-092

Do at least 300 damage in combos to pass this one.

  • M-093

Activate the challenge in the totem. The ball will fall behind you.

  • M-094

Hit the compass and follow the path straight ahead of you.

  • M-095

Hit the first platform and jump to reach the top of the triangular structure. There’s one torch above each one of them.

  • M-096

This is a unique challenge. Turn the mirrors until they reflect the light beam to the diamond-shaped end.

  • M-097

Cyloop around the base, then it’s Sonic Football time. You need to shoot the ball through a bazillion and ten circles.

  • M-098

Night-only challenge. Just loop around the glowing-trunk tree.

  • M-099

Hit the compass, then run across the triangular temple. Just follow the rails at the base and go around the border of the temple.

  • M-100

Jump at the spring and fall between the square panels.

  • M101
Ouranos Island All Challenges M-101 solution guide image
  • M-102

Tetris challenge. Start with the yellow piece, then the purple, black, blue, and X ones.

  • M-103

Parry the bullets without missing!

  • M-104
Ouranos Island All Challenges M-104 solution guide image
  • M-105

Jump through all the platforms, and you’ve finished all challenges!

Congratulations! If you completed this game section, know there are many others to check out. And we got you covered.

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