Credit: Epic Games

All FNCS Grand Royale teams: NAE

The FNCS Grand Royale is set to cap-off a year (and possibly a chapter) of supreme Fortnite competition.

Epic fiddled with the qualification rules a bit for this one. Instead of open qualifications that take the top teams from each session, teams will need to win a game to make it into the Grand Finals.

Epic Games

The NA-East teams have completed their 32 games, declaring 32 winners and one team that were able to earn a spot with their consistency score.

Here are the teams who will compete for the top competitive Fortnite prize pool of the year:

Victory Path 1

  • Dukez 7, tna mero11, SEN BUGHADORF
  • XSET Ceice, сoldǃ, elitxe ay лол 7
  • Cobolt Go Crazy, sparkgrr, Aminished
  • Kn1pher, Donieereyli Ӝ, A1 SIMPLE
  • Ghоst Blаke, Liquid Scopеd, XTRA VERT SLAM
  • TSM FTX Comadon, FaZe Cented Ӝ., Liquid ЅTROMADON
  • Ajerss, Saf 1111, BBG KHANADA 200
  • Mudzi on yt, mnrr xo, yuddn.

Victory Path 2

  • Crumblerr, Marzz_Ow, BankTeller.
  • FS DEGEN, C9 nosh, F.A Eomzo
  • skqttles, KNG Justice, 33 Userz
  • twitter brycxfn, FLU CAM SLAM, PLAGUE SLAM
  • NOVA mikey6, Chronic Jayѕ, G2 Smqcked
  • OSPERATIE, 33 Visxals, C9 Fryst様

Victory Path 3

  • LG Slackes, Acоrnski, G2 Jаhq
  • Ѕhadоw., Moon Jayth, AG SAVAJE ψ
  • Elite Neeqo, nounzy7, Pxlarized
  • DeRoller., moon Speguu11, 33 Charlie.
  • TNG Okis-, GoodGuyNani yt, MOON DUSKY SLAM
  • FS Narwhal, FS Bully iwnl, TC BOTBOI TAB32
  • NRG Buckе, TNG Peterbot, G2 MackWood
  • Voil 26, Xccept ャ, Snake Ackerman

Victory Path 4

  • twitter tiekkofn, no earnings nosn, FLU GOLD SLAM25
  • dom 〆, CHIMPERATIE, Iil baby ganzo
  • TNA Muz3x, FS Joji, RocaineG
  • Av 203, Dmur., young edan9
  • FaZe Megga., ELITE PXMﱞP, FаZe Dubs ϟ
  • Nexybot, crackly, wrіgley
  • kreo 个, KNIGHT个, RogueShаrk
  • PaMstou, wCarey, 33 Fatch

Consistency points: Unknown (will update)