All FNCS Grand Royale teams: EU

The FNCS Grand Royale is set to cap-off a year (and possibly a chapter) of supreme Fortnite competition.

Epic fiddled with the qualification rules a bit for this one. Instead of open qualifications that take the top teams from each session, teams will need to win a game to make it into the Grand Finals.

Epic Games

The EU teams have completed their 32 games, declaring 32 winners and one team that were able to earn a spot with their consistency score.

Here are the teams who will compete for the top competitive Fortnite prize pool of the year:

Victory Path 1

  • Flames FlοwiS, Not Hellfire, 00 Skram
  • GUILD Hen Ӝ., Falcon TaySon 7, Falcon oоgway
  • BL Setty, KamiFN, GXR teeq
  • Solarу Floki, Solarу Clement, GO Decyptos
  • dyoxyache32, Crow VII, KPI 조세
  • Ghosttles, OVA Flyy, Devour WaiZ
  • LC Bloomadeal, pablowingu Ӝ, FLAMES SWАG

Victory Path 2

  • 00 Endretta, NRG benjуfishу, 100T MrSavage
  • Fastroki, аqﱞuа, rezonada ay лол
  • Falcon Andi EW, 4zr 谷, хsweeze
  • lootboy kiryache, FS Stоrmyrite, Gambit Toose
  • Merstach., TT9 Malibuca, Onyx S lvそ ÔvÔ
  • Queasykame, GUILD Аnas, Th0masHD 58
  • Ѕkitе, LGBT BUBAK 203, ovLDER 203
  • Rix Pinq, nebs 04, TrulеX

Victory Path 3

  • saevid byeok, FS Umplify, Matsoe
  • AURERO 203, RCD Poul 203, RCD Fornax 203
  • AVE FORK, Jimke, Chic3ky
  • JOENADA 203, HORT Karma 203 ツ, tt9 kylie 999
  • lyost skydeun, IVE bitflox, LootBoy Сookie
  • еtq, Centric Hottie, elokratz
  • CL l1nk, CL Fury, Centric 97
  • Onyx Laxus ℵ, MCES BadSniper, Force ℵ

Victory Path 4

  • WAVE scriwy, WAVE Shady, mouz stompy 7x
  • CL Sаfik, TCE 1LUSHA 203, СL putriсk
  • PST Smapfy, DESTINY voun, Blacha71个
  • PRM Aury., TCE FIREKING Ӝ., LGN Art1st
  • MCES DKS, GO Grayinjooo, MCES Mirza 愛
  • TuNa SKY, Mikson ϟ, MCE sneake29
  • VCTRY Kefyy, Monaco pkr, LP mlody
  • kirb1_, IVE banw1se19, Ks1light

Consistency points: King Michаel, AstrоSMZ, XL Veroх