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God of War Ragnarok: All Collectibles in Svartalfheim & Midgard

Publish Date: 22.11.2022
God of War: Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok is an incredibly epic journey, but the ability to pay attention to all the details of the game is even more incredible. And the collectibles can end up being a distraction. Not when you have a guide for that! Before you start the guide, be aware of a few details. The most important: SPOILER ALERT. Especially if you don’t want to know what kind of gameplay experience awaits you in Ragnarok. Since some locations in the game are only accessible after reaching a certain point in the story.

All Odin’s Ravens in Svartalfheim

There are 13 ravens in Svartalfheim.

  • 1) Aurvangar Wetlands – As you enter the realm, look at your top left in the first area and see the first crow at the top of a cliff.
  • 2) Nidavellir – At the first area in the dwarfs’ village, up north, you can see the second crow at the top of the building at the side of a water wheel.
  • 3) The Watchtower – At the watchtower with a locked door and where you fight a dual-wielding Draugr, you can see a raven flying around. Just see what flight pattern fits the best for your axe trajectory, or slam the axe throw for half an hour.
  • 4) Alberich Hallow – Late game warning! After you climb the chains to get access to the platform where you killed that little monster that drops some suitable materials, aim the spear at the glowing thing, and you’ll be able to climb it. Afterward, walk the tunnel, where you can find the raven behind a tree to the left of the pathway.
  • 5) Radvinn’s Rig – Just before you go up the rig, go left, and you’ll see a raven chilling at a hook. Kill it. That was quite brutal.
  • 6) Lyngbakr Island – You can grab a red explosive orb after breaking the second chain from Lyngbakr. Cross the area where you fought the first enemies, and then explode the gold-looking ball. Grapple to the red chest and pass through the small tunnel on the wall on the right. At the end of the tunnel, look left and see the raven.
  • 7) Alberich Island – From the beach, place the spear, climb the stairs and then blow up the path with the sonic arrow skill. You can find this raven there.
  • 8) Alberich Island – You can follow the same path you opened with the sonic arrow. Use the spear to blow up a rock, then grapple to the next mini-island. In there, on a little window between rocks, you can see the raven.
  • 9) The Forge – After leaving the cartwheel, you can see one of these spying bastards flying around. Hit them.
  • 10) The Forge – Follow the main mission indicator at the top of the forge. You can see the raven in an open area where the forge can be seen below.
  • 11) Althjof’s Rig – After climbing up the chains, you can see the raven between some ruins.
  • 12) Jarnsmida Pitmines – This is approachable from several places in this area. It will be flying on the lower level.
  • 13) The Applecore – On the last water puzzle in this area, go left and squeeze through the pit after crossing the platform. There you can see Odin’s Raven.

All Nornir Chests in Svartalfheim

There are ten Nornir Chests at Svartalfheim.

  • 1) There are two in Aurvangar Wetlands. The first one you can open after reaching all three stones from the area where you can also find an artifact.
  • 2) Further in the same area, go underneath the secret passage where you lean it to pass. You have to spin the three wheels in the place. One is on the right, the other is behind the chest, and the other is on the upper left.
  • 3) This one’s on Dragon Beach. One stone is behind the geyser that’s behind the chest. Another one is around the dragon statue, and the last is behind the other geyser, in the outside direction.
  • 4) At Radsvinn’s Rig, you need to light the torches to open the chest. One’s on the left side of it. The other one is behind a wall where you can shoot the sonic arrow, and to reach the last one, climb up the platform and reach the explosive jar to light the torch.
  • 5) At Alberich Island, get the hardest one first. You have to hit the wooden plate that makes the first bell go up and hit it. Afterward, reach for the bell behind the chest and turn around to get the last one.
  • 6) At the water puzzle room in Mykar Tunnels, go in the small passage on the left side. Light the first one on your right and the second on your left. To light the last one hit the barrel with the Leviathan Axe, then light the oil-soaked ground with your Chaos Blade.
  • 7) To complete this one, you must have a spear. Two of the totems you have to hit are close to the chest. Looking directly at the chest, one’s on the left. The other is behind you. Afterward, go back to the start area direction and see the last one. Hit them with a ranged attack, then hit to explode them all simultaneously.
  • 8) Take the boat from the Wetland to the Sverd Sands, where you can reach the Applecore. Take the elevator, then follow the path down. Place the spear and climb up the way. Two totems are looking to the chest’s left, and one is back in the first area. Explode them all at the same time with the spear-ranged attack.
  • 9) At the spiral area, jump down to the bridge below and go right. If the path’s blocked, explode a jar from above. Follow the way, and you can reach a collectible area. Plant the spear at the totems, and you’re good to go! Be mindful of one that’s glimmering behind a waterfall.
  • 10) In the Pitmines, you must block the water flow to reach the Nornir Chest. You’ll have to stop the flow in the last one (don’t call it back!) and light it up. You can now open the chest.

All Odin’s Ravens in Midgard

There are six ravens in Midgard.

  • 1) Raider Fort – The first raven you can locate in Midgard is outside the hideout, in a Tyr’s temple wall.
  • 2) Tyr’s Temple – You can see a cave south of Tyr’s temple. A Raven will be waiting for you at the entrance’s side.
  • 3) The Derelict Outpost – Right as you find the outpost, backtrack a little, and you can see Odin’s raven in the middle of a shipwreck.
  • 4) The Derelict Outpost – Inside the outpost, up the chain and past Sidri’s forge, you’ll grapple two times before reaching the area where the raven stands perched at a wooden post.
  • 5) The Oarsmen – Past the Nornir Chest at the room, climb up the stairs outside, and look up. The raven will be at a cliff beside the eastern Oarsmen.
  • 6) The Wall of Wurd – After climbing the big wall, on the area where you can see a “red chest”, there’s a raven on a cliffside.

All Nornir Chests in Midgard

There are four Nornir Chests in Midgard.

  • 1) In the Raider Hideout, there are four chests. The first one you can see on the left side of the area. You have a bomb jar in the middle of the room. You can open all the locations and light up the torches to open the chest.
  • 2) You can easily find the three bells in the Oarsmen area. You’ll find a place underground with a portal and a chest. Just go outside, climb up again at the golden chain and pull the giant chain so you can reach the yellow room. After catching the story item, shoot the sonic arrow in the green area.
  • 3) At Well of Urd, light the torches up. Just climb up with your Chaos Blades to reach the urns!
  • 4) Firstly, move the big wheel at the Lost Treasury. You can use the pink magic to chain the explosion on this torch that show up. Then, drag the wheel back and climb it. Now you got to blow up a jar and pull the pillar to the left. Follow the way in and light the next torch. Now go back down, move the wheel back to the left side again, and climb back to the pillar. Drop down and move the wheel so it can be stuck by the post. Turn the wheel on the ground, freeze it and go in. Once inside, break the lock and light the last pillar. Oof!

The completionist quest continues with this guide on collecting all the collectibles in Vanaheim and Muspelheim. But first, an important note: read our SPOILER warning! Avoid this guide if you don’t want to know what kind of gameplay experience awaits you in Ragnarok. Since some locations in the game are only accessible after reaching a certain point in the story.

Remember that as you gather these collectibles, you can go to the raven realm and open the chests at the base of the tree where the souls of the poor crows killed by your axe gather. It is a great way to find good artifacts and equipment for Kratos. The chests will be unlocked after you kill a certain number of crows.

So you can get the equipment from the following quantities: six, twelve, 18, 28, 38, 48.

All Odin’s Ravens in Vanaheim

There are 15 Odin’s Ravens in Vanaheim.

  • 1) The Southern Wilds – This guy will be flying around just as you arrive in the area.
  • 2) Freyr’s Camp – Take the side path before following the main quest to the right, and you can see the raven perched in a tree.
  • 3) Freyr’s Camp – You must have the spear for this. Follow the main path, and just as you pass a fallen soldier, you can see a wall with a glowing yellow indicator. Explode the wall, enter the area, turn around and look up. The raven will be inside a tree trunk.
  • 4) The Abandoned Village – Go from the Eastern Barren Woods, and as you enter the temple, fall down, then grapple across. In this area, zipline down. You will see a breakable wall there. Go in and turn left and see the raven chilling in a tree.
  • 5) Pilgrim’s Landing – Fire the ivies that hold the bridge with the Sigil Magic. Bring it down, follow along, and after defeating the enemies, light up and move the suspended torches to the right to bring down the second bridge. The raven will be at a small window in that area.
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  • 6) Cliffside Ruins – Use the rune slate to reach the Goddess Falls area. Go ahead until you get a lore plate. Looking left-down, you can see the raven at the base of the tree.
  • 7) Goddess Falls – Reach the mountain area with the boat and climb up. Here, you can see the bird flying overhead.
  • 8) The Veiled Passage – You can see the raven as you pass this area in the cavern. Just get down from your boat and wreck that winged spy.
  • 9) The Crater – In the top right direction of the Crate, next to the Gateway, you can see a bird in the distance perched on the cliff’s edge.
  • 10) The Plains – At the western plains gateway, head back toward the static lightning, and you can see the raven on a cliff’s edge.
  • 11) The Plains – Drop down from the Gateway, pass the tree with a hanging bucket, and drop down again. Before you jump across the cave, look down left, and you will see that sneaky bastard.
  • 12) The Plains – The moment you arrive at the same Gateway, go right and pass the tree with a hanging bucket (the other one, not the one down this area). Look down at the left side; a raven will be down there.
  • 13) The Plains – You’ll need to be at night to reach this one. Drop down again from the Gateway, pass through the open gate, left, right, and right at the cave. After squeezing through the nest area, go left, and you can see a hole where the raven’s at.
  • 14) The Jungle – Pass the boat dock and go toward the cave. Get out and squeeze through. The raven will be in the top left direction.
  • 15) The Sinkholes – As you go to the final area of the Sinkholes, you will pass the raven. Just get down from the boat and smash it.

All Nornir Chests in Vanaheim

There are 11 Nornir Chests in Vanaheim.

  • 1) In the Southern Wilds, you’ll reach this as you pass the story. Just spin the wheels after burning the vines with the Blades of Chaos. There’s one on the left-hand side and two on the back (looking in the chest’s direction).
  • 2) This one, at the Abandoned Village, is also hard to miss as you go through the story. Break the branches that block the giant crane and the bucket. You’ll have to light it to reach the sealed torches. One is hidden on the left as you grapple across, and another is on the opposite side.
  • 3) You can see the chest at the southwest part of the Cliffside Ruins. Besides it, there’s a wheel blocked by vines. Burn it with the Sigil Magic and spin it after. You want to talk to the ghost in this area to reach the other wheels. Jump across the platform and look down. You have to hit it twice across the left-hand side. Go back to your boat and dock at the nearest shore. You can see the third seal at the end of the region where you were.
  • 4) This chest is at the Veiled Passage. Dock on the right as you enter the cave. Break through the ores, and you can see the chest there. The sigils will be in the shore’s direction as you go back and need to be broken simultaneously.
  • 5) In the Goddess Fall, climb up after you reach the area with your boat. You’ll have to chain link your Sigil Magic at the sigils with the Chaos Blade to open the chest.
  • 6) In the Eastern Barri Woods, the story path leads you to the Nornir Chest at the end. There are two wheels next to the chest and another at the end of the way to the left.
  • 7) At The Plains, you must complete the Scent of Survival Favor to access this one. Circle around the right side to reach this sigil. Unlock it by burning the branches with the Chaos Blade, then drop down in the area to get all of them quickly. There’s one behind a tree, one at the left of the chest, and another one at the right back side.
  • 8) The other one in the Plains is on the left side. Drop down, pass the tree with the hanging bucket and freeze the gate’s entrance with the Sigil Magic to stop the poisonous cloud. The other chest is in there, and the puzzle is easy peasy.
  • 9) This one is only available at night time. Head into the Jungle, and you can find the chest on the left side upon arriving from the Gateway.
  • 10) In the Plains area, in the direction of The Sinkholes, drop down from the rope and head back until you reach a cave where the chest is. Reach the first sigil at the left of the chest with the Sigil Arrows. The other ones are at the entrance. You’ll need to pay attention to the highest. Just climb up the cliffs and reach it with the Sigil Magic + Chaos Blade combo.
  • 11) In the final part of the Sinkholes, ring all the rune totems at the same time. It’s only accessible with the spear. It’s hard to miss this chest!

All Odin’s Ravens in Muspelheim

There are two Odin’s Ravens in Muspelheim.

  • 1) In the Burning Cliffs gateway, head down and across to the right until you reach a cave. Before squeezing into the next area, look back, and you’ll see one of Odin’s Ravens in the fireplace.
  • 2) In Surtr’s Forge, you can see the raven from where you first meet the First Giant. Just look back to the cliff above, and you’ll see the green bird perched there.

All Nornir Chests in Muspelheim

There are two Nornir Chests in Muspelheim.

  • 1) The first chest is obtainable after completing the first six Muspelheim Trials.
  • 2) After squeezing through the wall and past the lavafall, as we explained in the first raven in this area, you will find a breakable wall. Behind that is the second and last chest in Muspelheim. Just chainlink the Chaos Blade and Sigil Arrows to reach the other torches opposite the chest. One is on the right side of the chest.
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