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God of War Ragnarok: All Collectibles in Alfheim, Helheim & Niflheim

It is easy to lose all the artifacts in God of War: Ragnarok amidst the beautiful, ultra-detailed settings and environments shown in the game. That’s why you don’t have to worry about that here. Lastly, all the collectibles from Alfheim, Helheim, and Niflheim are here. Be alert for SPOILERS!

All Odin’s Ravens in Alfheim

There are ten Odin’s Ravens in Alfheim.

  • 1) The Strond – Follow the main story path indicator as you reach the area. You can see the raven at a tree.
  • 2) Temple of Light – This one’s behind the gate in the area. You can reach it after hitting the reflection stones to bounce your Axe.
  • 3) Temple of Light – Follow the main story path after the area full of reflection stones with the lit beacon in the middle. Before going up the stairs, you can see a raven on a balcony.
  • 4) The Barrens – You’ll need to clear the Secret of the Sands mission to see better in this area once you can spot in the minimap where the giant skeleton is. It’s perched on the right eye socket.
  • 5) The Barrens – On the north of the area, before going to the Njarta, you can see a raven flying through the desert in a dry tree.
  • 6) The Canyons – After climbing up to the larger area, you can see a raven flying in this area. Good luck hitting him.
  • 7) The Burrows – You can see this one in the eastern direction of the map, in an outpost-like structure in the middle of a big rock.
  • 8) The Burrows – In the northern direction, break the wall at the base of the building to enter the secret chamber. Inside, you can see the raven.
  • 9) The Burrows – You need the spear for this one. In the far right outpost, next to the Sanctum, there’s a breakable wall that will reveal a small opening from where you can access another area. There is a green bird in there.
  • 10) The Burrows – A raven is flying around next to the giant statue in the northern direction.

All Nornir Chests in Alfheim

There are seven Nornir Chests in Alfheim.

  • 1) At the temple of Light Area, as you follow the main story path, there will be a chest to your right and two bells on the left side. The other is down the hallway next to it and can be revealed by hitting it with the Sonic Arrow.
  • 2) Again, in the story path, The Strond area, you can see a Nornir Chest if you climb down to the left. Two lanterns will be down there. The more complicated one is ahead, climbing up (where you were). Just aim a little down and light the lantern rune.
  • 3) Still in the Strond area, again in the main path story, you’ll probably need to go back in this area after getting the spear, as the seals need to be hit simultaneously.
  • 4) In the Below area, there’s an area where you can grapple across. The Nornir chest is down there, and you’ll need to destroy the organic sacks bouncing your Axe at the light walls. Then grapple across the opened path, and you’ll find the last bell. Open the door, and you can hit all three of them.
  • 5) In The Barrows, next to a ruin tangled by roots, you can light up three lanterns to open the Nornir Chest. Just circle and find an angle to line up the organic sacks to break them. The remaining ones will be inside the ruin, and another at the top, where you can hit an explosive jar with your Axe to light it up.
All Collectibles GoW Ragnarok

All Nornir Chests in Alfheim

  • 6) You need the spear for this one. In The Burrows’s far-right outpost, next to the Sanctum, there’s a breakable wall that will reveal a small opening. From there, you can access another area. There is a chest and a seal to the right and two bouncing walls that you need to clean up to hit it. Find the right spot to break the organic things so you can clear them. After that, chain the Sigil Arrow and shoot the campfire with an arrow to light the first lantern.
  • The second one is just above. You must link the Sigil magic again to light the second lantern with the first fire. Just hit the column until you reach the organic door. Fire a Sonic arrow at the door and another in the first lantern. The last one is on the left-hand side.
  • 7) At the western area of the Forbidden Sands, near a fallen column, there is a lantern on the top of a cliff. Another one is located at the top of a stone arch. Sigil links them. The last one is past the pillar where the chest is at.

All Odin’s Ravens in Helheim

There are two ravens in Helheim.

  • 1) Shipyard of the Fallen – Next to the lore plate at the end of the way, just after you beat the area boss.
  • 2) Helgrind – The other raven is at Helheim’s entrance.
All Collectibles GoW Ragnarok

All Nornir Chests in Niflheim

There is one Nornir Chest in Niflheim.

This last chest is at the Aesir Prison Wreckage, an area that will only be open after completing the main story. Just follow the path and dropdown. Throw a spear to access the lower portion of the area. Push the chains to drop the platform with the spear. There is one seal in this area. Climb up in one of the rooms. There’s another seal there. Drop down again, then reach the last seal at the bottom of the elevator pit.

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