Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Fncs
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Recap & results

All Chapter 3 Season 3 FNCS Winners: EU, NAE, NAW

  • Vadeal & JannisZ win EU FNCS (+300,000)
  • Commandment & Avery win NAE FNCS (+160,000)
  • Kewl & Yumi win NAW FNCS (+45,000)

Chapter 3 Season 3 FNCS concluded last weekend crowning a new FNCS Champion in each region.

Teams played top-level Fortnite and the ones who played the best left with quite a large chunk of change.

EU Chapter 3 Season 3 FNCS winners: Vadeal & Jannisz

Starting off in the most competitive region, EU had an intense battle on the leaderboard. Even after Day 1, the 1st place team was only 5 points ahead of 2nd place.

Vadeal & Jannisz played extremely consistently throughout Day 1, with a 1st, 3rd, 3rd, 8th, 8th, and their worst game being 28th.

Everyone had the same thought in mind: could Vadeal & Jannisz play as consistently in Day 2 and become the new FNCS Champions?

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Vadeal & Jannisz showed that they had what it took to become FNCS Champions by starting Day 2 off with a Victory Royale.

Throughout Day 2, Vadeal & Jannisz played phenomenal Fortnite and earned themselves 1st place overall. This win earned them $150,000 each and unlocked the FNCS Pickaxe until next season’s FNCS.

The remainder of the leaderboard had some very notable figures in the EU competitive Fortnite scene. With Malibuca & Merstach placing 2nd, Queasy & Veno placing 3rd, Joe & zAndy in 4th, Pinq & Anas in 5th, Trippern & ThomasHD in 6th, and Setty & Kami in 9th.

There were some underrated teams that placed in the Top 10, with Mikson & Artor placed 7th, PabloWingu & Swag placed 8th, and Bevvys & Vortexers placed 10th.

You can view the rest of the EU Chapter 3 Season 3 FNCS leaderboard here.

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NAE Chapter 3 Season 3 FNCS winners: Commandment & Avery

Moving over to NA-East, which didn’t have any teams dominating throughout the whole tournament. This FNCS was one of the closest tournaments in NAE’s history.

After Day 1, the reigning FNCS Champs were in 1st place. Peterbot & Bylah played aggressively and it showed through their eliminations.

They had the highest average eliminations with 4.33. This was proven to the viewers immediately due to them winning Game 1 with eight eliminations.

Image 23

Day 2 rolled around, and viewers, castors, and players were expecting another dominating performance from Peterbot & Bylah to secure themselves the back-to-back FNCS Champions.

However, the absolute mayhem that occurred on Day 2 makes this tournament go down in the FNCS history book.

Going into the final game Bugha & Mero were in 1st place. If they had managed to survive to the endgame, this tournament would be another notch under Bugha & Mero’s belt.

An underdog team, with a player that placed 50th in the previous season’s FNCS, was lurking in the shadows. After seeing Bugha & Mero dying in the midgame, Commandment & Avery put on their clutch-up shoes and gave the community a performance we will never forget.

Avery ended up falling early to Kn1pher & Deroller and left Commandment as a Solo in 3rd zone, at this point, it was looking like Bugha & Mero would easily win this season’s FNCS.

But through extremely calculated plays and aimbot-like shots, Commandment managed to clutch 6th place with five eliminations. After Commandment went down in 6th place, the entire community was in shock – wondering if Commandment had managed the impossible and clutched up just enough points to become Champions.

Commandment & Avery beat Bugha & Mero by 1 point; finishing the tournament on 316 points, 1 Victory Royale, 3.17 average eliminations, 12.58 average placements, and $80,000 richer.

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Commandment on Twitter

Bugha & Mero got 2nd place, with other expected teams like Ajerrs & Khanada placing 5th, Peterbot & Edgey in 7th, and Jamper & Eomzo in 8th.

No one expected the IGL Clix to place first in his first FNCS in the role, with his duo partner Duke. The French Canadians Pamstou & Fatch placed in 3rd.

Mackwood, being one of the oldest Fortnite pros, showed that the boomers can still hold up by placing in 9th. Trashy & Rise from the Kami Split placed 10th showing that this might be an FNCS winning duo in the future.

You can view the rest of the NAE Chapter 3 Season 3 FNCS leaderboard here.

NAW Chapter 3 Season 3 FNCS winners: Kewl & Yumi

On NAW, similar to NAE an unexpected team dethroned the expected winners.

Kewl & Yumi quadrupled through earnings after placing 1st on NAW earning themselves $22,500 each.

To see the full NAW leaderboard click here.

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Kewl on Twitter

There’s your complete rundown of the Chapter 3 Season 3 FNCS Winners! This was an insane performance from the winners and a tournament filled with twists, clutches, clips, drama, and fails.

I wonder what next season will have for us and what type of exciting gameplay we will see during the FNCS.

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