All 2021 Fortnite additions ranked

It’s been a long year for Fortnite, with Epic releasing more content than I realized.

Let’s take a look back at all of the new releases in 2021, starting about midway through Chapter 2 Season 5.

Ahead, I’ll be ranking all of the weapons and items from this past year, worst to best. Let’s get into it.

Epic Games

MK-Seven AR

The MK7 is the best AR ever added to Fortnite.

In case you haven’t played Chapter 3, it’s the first AR with a red-dot sight that allows you to ADS.

It’s extremely strong and will likely see a nerf when the team comes back from the holidays.

Stinger SMG

Like the MK, the Stinger is another strong weapon added to Chapter 3.

The Stinger feels like the Rapid-Fire with a larger clip. It mows through builds and will deal damage to anyone behind a wall that doesn’t have 0 ping.

This is another one that will likely see a nerf soon.

Med Mist

The Med Mist might be the best addition to Chapter 3 when you consider that the first two items on this list are busted.

This is the first healing item that allows you to use it on the go. It’s a great addition to the health loot pool.

Rail Gun

Back to another broken weapon - so busted that Epic needed to remove it from competitive modes.

The Rail Gun was like a buffed Heavy Sniper. Not only did it break one structure, but it damaged whatever was behind it - including a player.

Recon Scanner

The Recon Scanner was a fantastic addition to Fortnite.

Although you’d need to drop an SMG or Sniper to carry one, the Scanner is perfect for finding hidden players in a small radius.

Epic Games

Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper

The new Chapter 3 snipers are pretty fun.

I think they’re a great improvement on the already decent snipers of Chapters 1 and 2.

Not much more to say here. Good snipers this chapter.


The Inflate-a-Bull seemed completely useless on first glance but ended up being a lot of fun.

Need to bounce away from a build fight? No problem!

The only downside is that you’ll have to give something up to carry it.

Lever-Action Shotgun

The Lever-Action got a bad wrap. Any time a weapon pushes the Pump into the vault, it’s widely hated.

Still, I’d say that the Pump, Charge, and Lever meta was the best shotgun meta in recent history.

Armored Wall

The Armored Wall was a genius idea.

You can stop a lobby spray to heal, stay safe for a minute, or show off by blocking your final opponent in the storm.

Icy Grappler

Grappler + Icy feet. Not better than the original but still pretty good.

Guzzle Juice

Another great Chapter 3 addition to Fortnite.

The perfect item to carry if you need to heal after making it out of the storm. The worst to carry if you need to heal through the storm. Make your choice.


With the Tent, can now stash items and keep them for a later match

A pretty cool idea that seems like the beginning of something.

Striker Pump

The new Pump replacement was widely hated on release, but it got a buff and is pretty decent.

It will never be the Pump, but it’s okay for now.

Epic Games

Auto Shotgun

The Chapter 3 version of the Tac is just like the Chapter 3 version of the Pump: okay but not the original.

The reload animation needs a serious buff on this one.


Grab stuff and toss it at people.

Good for having fun and getting clips but not viable and nobody carried it.

Sideways Weapons

Even though some of the Sideways weapons were decent, I wasn’t a fan of any of them.

Unless someone carried and dropped a Sideways Minigun when I killed them, I hardly used these all season.

Primal weapons

The Primal Shotgun was OP, the rest of these sucked.

Epic Games

Ranger AR

The new Heavy AR. Actually better than the original but so far below the MK that no one uses it if they have the option.

Kymera Ray Gun

A gimmick weapon for aliens. It could melt in certain situations, but most people chose the SMG for more reliable damage.

To be fair, I hardly gave this one a chance. It could be higher, but I’m sticking it here.

Makeshift weapons

More like Makeshit weapons. Good thing Epic abandoned this system after one season.

I hate the Makeshift guns and everything they represent.


Did anyone use this thing outside of finishing challenges?

Trash. Literally.


Mythics & Exotics

This list is already long enough, so let’s just quickly rank the Mythics and Exotics added to Fortnite over the past year.


  1. Spider-Man’s Web Shooters
  2. Spire Jump Boots
  3. Spire Guardian’s Primal AR
  4. Slone’s Pulse Rifle
  5. Paper Bomb Kunai
  6. Sideways Scythe
  7. Predator’s Cloaking Device
  8. Zyg and Choppy’s Ray Gun
  9. Raz’s Explosive Bow
  10. Spire Assassin’s Recycler


  1. Grappler Bow
  2. Chili Chug Splash
  3. Burst Quad Launcher
  4. Chug Cannon
  5. Burst Pulse Rifle
  6. Hop Rock Dualies
  7. Unstable Bow

Epic Games