Adriana Chechik has made the news after she sustained a gruesome back injury at TwitchCon, and as she underwent surgery for five hours.
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The latest on Adriana

Adult star Adriana Chechik after 5-hour back surgery: “No more squirting”

Twitch Streamer and former adult film star Adriana Chechik has undergone back surgery after she sustained a horrific injury at TwitchCon on Oct. 9 during a jump into a foam pit.

Chechik was hospitalized after landing on her tailbone, breaking her back in two different places. The incident happened after she jumped into a foam pit, after winning a playfight sword duel at the Lenovo booth.

Chechik’s injuries were worse than expected

Now, after being hospitalized, Chechik updated her fans on Twitter with the latest status. According to the tweet, her injuries are even worse than expected:

“So surgery went well, 5 hrs 30 minutes! More fusions than expected, bones completely crushed & nerve damage to my bladder, hopefully, I’ll be able to pee again in the near future,” she said. “No more squirting probably… had some bleeding around the bone but overall doing good!” Chechik states.

These injuries could be detrimental to her professional adult entertainer career and her day-to-day life if the bladder nerve injury is more severe than she assesses.

Since her success on Twitch, Chechik has stated that she wants to quit porn soon. As is the case with athletes, these injuries may force her into early retirement from the adult entertainment industry.

It will be interesting to see how Twitch and Lenovo respond. Indeed, their foam pit has been a hot topic of conversation since Adriana Chechik’s injury was not an isolated case. Meanwhile, both involved parties are shifting the blame to each other.

Apparently, streamers had to sign NDAs, which have not been confirmed. If not, these could have serious consequences for Twitch and Lenovo.

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