Team BDS vs. Misfits Gaming was one of the "highlights" of the LEC Reddit Week 3 reactions

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Absurdity ensues in the LEC: Week 3 r/LoL Reddit Recap

This massive break in the LEC calendar is getting to all of us. For some, it’s worse than others. But what can we do, short of writing massive rants about cultural stoppages? Relive the last round, of course. Here’s what Reddit’s LoL community was talking about after Week 3.

What a tradeoff!

Now, we can’t really begin to talk about this season without some obligatory bitching about wobbly patches and broken champions. This from the Vitality vs SK Gaming game should start us off:

…don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on that hilarious tweet from SK Gaming’s bot laner.

While we’re checking boxes, here are some jibes at Bel’Veth…

…feat. collateral damage for Haru.


It’s not all salt and shade all the time in the LoL communities, surely? We decided to check that over at the Rogue vs Excel Esports thread

And, then, Excel themselves joined the party.

Team BDS(M) lives up to its name

And that’s the last time we go investigating. Take a look at this from the BDS vs Misfits game for some pure poetry…

…which was ably matched by this.

But perhaps no one can come as close to winning gold in our weekly Theater Of The Absurd Awards as this person here…

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