Credit: Secret Twitter

A stitch in time saves Nine, but not for Tundra as Secret snap their neck

Team Secret snap Tundra's winning streak in a thrilling three games series on the back of a classic iceiceice Ogre Magi off-lane.

Although the series boiled down to full three games, Secret appeared to be on the front foot the entire time, leaving Tundra scrambling for a way out.

More interestingly, it was Iceiceice's Ogre Magi that was the star in game one, a surprising pick that caught Tundra off-guard.

Iceiceice with his classic maneuvers entertained the viewers with his annoying antics, building a Hand of Midas to earn extra gold via the RNG multicast.

Following his suit, even Sumail built a Midas on Outworld Devourer, hoping to capitalize on the multicast and earn additional gold.

It was also the first game that saw Tundra's Nine really struggle ever since DPC 2021-22 started especially on Queen of Pain.

The King made sure the rookie didn't have it easy, and made him work hard to keep up with the pace.

All in all, the late game entirely depended on Skiter's Faceless Void, who also found it extremely difficult to find farm.

It was Secret's name that was etched to take the glory and gain momentum as the new roster slowly starts beginning to click and turn into a cohesive unit.

The highlight was definitely the first game, and while Tundra managed to go to a decider game in the series, it was Secret that took home the victory.