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Wtf three dashes?

A dreamy combo: Urgot with Ahri ult will dominate in Ultimate Spellbook

  • Ultimate Spellbook is the place for insane ultimate combos
  • Urgot with Ahri ult is one to try out
  • This player show just how lethal Urgot can be with mobility

Ultimate Spellbook is the place for ultimate combos that have never been seen before—because they can’t be seen otherwise. A newly discovered eye-popping combo in this special game mode is Urgot with Ahri’s Spirit Rush ultimate.

Do you remember Ultimate Spellbook?

If you don’t, then here is a good clip to remember it and potentially wish you never saw it. In the game mode where every champion is given a secondary ultimate, a lot of crazy things can happen. How about Urgot with three dashes, sounds fun right?

In a recently trending Reddit highlight, a player showcases just how nasty Urgot becomes with extra mobility. There is a good reason why Urgot is an immobile champion: giving him three dashes would break the game harder than Rek’Sai.


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To show how crazy this Ultimate Spellbook combo is, the Urgot player popped Ghost and started to run down targets with his W—Purge’s damage. The Ahri dashes helped Urgot pop his Passive—Echoing Flames procs from several angles in seconds. No need to walk around big and clunky to trigger them when you can just dash.

To make matters worse, this lucky Urgot even had a Yuumi on his team to support him. Imagine the usual damage of Urgot, three Ahri dashes, and a Yuumi buffing him up from start to finish – barf.

The Urgot player was rewarded with three quick kills and an assist for his “efforts” and could shortly after add to the killing spree right as the enemies respawned.

In this game, there was absolutely nothing the opposing team could do against the “Nine-Tailed Urgot with the Zoomies.”