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A pre-TI patch has hit the Dotaverse with 7.30 gameplay updates bringing changes on a multitude of levels.

Time to fasten your seat belts to experience some craziness leading up to The International 10.

Complete patch notes can be found here.

General Updates

  • Neutral Creeps now drop 5 neutral items per tier as opposed to 4 in the earlier patches – Wonderful news for the ever neglected Support players, yayyyy!
  • Second Roshan no longer drops Cheese – A boring yet a significant change by removing the pesky item. Let’s just leave it at that.

Aeon Disk takes a hit!

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A popular and go-to item in the previous patch that provided a strong dispel, +75% Status Resistance and reduced all damage dealt and received to ZERO, has been considerably tweaked.

Bonus HP been reduced and cooldown increased by 20 seconds every time the item gets triggered.

Pig Pole, Pig Out!

Dota 2

A new tier 1 item granting +6 to all stats. However, that’s not even the fun part.

The fun part is PIG, OUT! Activating the item literally turns you into a PIG for 4 seconds and grants +10% movement speed.

Tinker: Position 3, 4?

Dota 2

You don’t need Boots of Travel or even Boots no more. Yeah, you heard it right!

Tinker now has a New Rearm Sub-ability allowing him to teleport to friendly buildings, units and heroes at different levels.

Talk about saving 4500 gold!

On the other hand, March of Machines is now a Shard specific ability and won’t help Tinker flash-farm in the neutrals as he used to, buuuuuuut he has an AOE Laser now, so that’s oughta count for something right?

I can smell Position 3 or Position 4 Tinker coming our way soon.

R.I.P Axe

Dota 2

Say goodbye to carry Axe as the Manta-Shard combo has been axed, or in this case, nerfed (no pun intended).

No more ‘Having a good day Sir’ slogans.

Broodmother: No longer a happy mother

Dota 2

Mother is angry because her broodcase has shut.

No more escaping with a net 700 movement speed through her webs on 4 HP.

She’s dead in the new meta.

Enough said!

Dawnbreaker not dawning just yet

Dota 2

The most heartbreaking change is that despite making changes, Valora won’t be seen in competitive Captain’s Mode any time soon. She’s bound to make her CM debut post TI.

It’s gonna be a while to see Valora shine.

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