4 takeaways from the LCS superweek

15 games in three days is a whole lot to keep up with, so we've cut the faff and given you the only lessons you should have learnt from this week's games.

Yeah, Summit is the best top in the league

Maybe we should stop giving the Korean top laner Jayce.

Summit absolutely blitzed poor Kumo on Jayce; but even off it, he gapped Ssumday and FakeGod with ease and looks like he might be the best top laner in the league.

While Bwipo has shown himself to be a worthy opponent, very few other top laners look like they can even survive the onslaught, never mind be better - and Cloud9 look like an absurdly strong team. 

Berserker is a madman, and Summit is the best top around. LS or no LS, this team is going places.

For reference, he flame horizoned Kumo and was 2.5k up pre-20 minutes - and then transitioned that into some saucy teamfighting as well. That's a lot of damage.

Shenyi wasn't the only thing holding TSM back


There's a whole lot of Regi memes going around, especially the one about how he would 'never let TSM get like CLG'. He was right - they're much, much worse.

A loss to Team Liquid is understandable; a loss to 100 Thieves frustrating, but not season-ending; a loss to 1-6 CLG, though?

It wasn't even close. Luger had his way with the TSM bot lane and Palafox was flexing on them with Sylas. How do you even let Palafox flex on you? How bad can Shenyi's shotcalling *really* be?

Spica looks horrible, Keaiduo is a complete non-factor, Huni is a shadow of even last season's version of himself; what exactly is this team supposed to do?

At least we got a whole bunch of memes out of it, eh?

Golden Guardians are the best of the rest

I don't want to get too excited over GGS, because that loss to EG was ugly - and they could easily have lost to Immortals, too.

But this team isn't half bad - they have a legitimately good mid-jungle for the LCS and Lost is decent at making himself a lead. He does make errors in the mid-late game from time to time, but he gets himself into good game states - kind of like an NA Crownshot.

Licorice doesn't look very good at all this split, though, which will hold them back massively. Pridestalkr, on the other hand, looks like the newest carry jungler on the block. Capable of playing the meta junglers, but looking much better on his signature Zed or Qiyana picks, this guy is actually sneakily very solid.

Ablazeolive gets lumped in with the bottom tier mids in NA, but he is the rough diamond among them. He's not amazing, but he's much better than Palafox or Bjergsen Powerofevil, especially this split.

They're not going to make it to the finals or anything, but they've got something about them. They're fun to watch.

Inspired has been NA'd

"Quote element"

Abbedagge does not look great this split. 

100Thieves all together look very stale - their drafts are always extremely cookie-cutter, and they no longer seem to crush the early game in the way they were able to last year.

Whether that is a sign that NA is getting better as a region or that 100T have been found out, I am unsure - but I am sure that Abbedagge should not be getting solo-killed by Blue's Viktor at level 5.

Erm, yeah.

He's just saving it all for playoffs, copium. It just kinda looked like he was sleepwalking through the game, and even Dignitas are going to punish you walking into them on 200HP.

Just to outline how mediocre they're looking right now; they're tied with Golden Guardians and FlyQuest, and FQ went 0-3 this week. I would've made a point of talking about that, but nobody should really be surprised that FlyQuest were in a false position.

It feels like 100T need a spark, something new to focus on, hell a new patch would do. Their drafts are uninspired and their gameplay is formulaic. Spice it up!