3 takeaways from LCS week 5

LCS went off without a hitch this week - except for TSM winning a game. There really is no such thing as a perfect weekend.

If you didn't have time to sift through everything, here's the three main points you need to know.



The guy is crazy, and his Volibear performance over EG was absolutely lights out. The casting team kept telling us that if he got caught once and gave away the bounty, it could be an issue because of the bear's scaling.

So Blaber did something completely off-the-wall. He just didn't die. A big 7-0-9 scoreline combined with his midlaner going 7-1-10 saw the mid-jungle completely take over the game as Inspired struggled to match the tempo blaber gained.

Not entirely unreasonable - he was playing Kha'zix.

And that, in short, is why Cloud9 are so dangerous. EG committed to keeping Summit quiet - Berserker didn't really do anything - but then Fudge and Blaber took over. This is a quad-threat team.

Voliblaber. Blabear?

FlyQuest are doing it!

In the absence of TSM, a team has had to step up - and that team appears to be FlyQuest.

Toucouille has been an inspired pick-up, but he hasn't been the superstar this week. Tuki - or Josedeodo - on Lee Sin picked up a nasty quad to knock down TSM, and Kumo diffed FakeGod even in a hard counter match-up. Ever see a Tryndamere smash a Malphite?

It was only Dignitas and TSM, but FlyQuest dispatched of both and now sit in 3rd on 7-4. 100T don't look convincing, and EG look awful, so there's a legitimate chance that FlyQuest can go deep in playoffs.

Josedeodo finally looks like the player they thought they were getting, and Johnsun looks decent again. Toucouille is solid and Aphromoo is... well, not back to his best, but a long way away from his floor.

Maybe I'm just huffing the copium.

Golden Guardians are not it

I may have been wrong on GGS. This team is pretty bad, and I'm not just saying that because they lost against TSM.

Okay, I am. How on earth do you lose to TSM? With Jinx and Corki, too.

I don't know what happened to Licorice, but he's gone from looking like C9's best player at Worlds a few years ago to making Huni look like the best player in the world. Huni's Graves just took over teamfights, Takeover smacked Ablazeolive around and Tactical made Varus look like the perfect counter-pick into Jinx.

Maybe it is.

I'm not going to judge them too harshly for getting battered by Cloud9, but I will judge them extremely harshly for getting pushed around by TSM.