3 Legendary CSGO stickers you’ve never heard of

Three legendary CSGO stickers that you most likely haven’t heard of.

These are stickers that are no longer available to be unboxed in capsules!

You might be able to take a guess why. Because Valve continuously removes the cool stuff from the game.

Their supply is going down, and their demand is going up.

Well, if you have heard of these stickers, I must commend you!

1. Winged Defuser – $420

The Winged Defuser is part of the CSGO community sticker capsule one, which means Valve removed this sticker.

Valve went on later to remove all the stickers from this list out of sticker capsule one.

This sticker is incredibly rare and has an “underground” following; many people adore it and, as a result, collect it!

I mean, look at it; the blue and white are perfect collaborations with many skins within CS, as seen in the banner for this article!

2. Harp of War (Holo) – $609

The Harp of War Holo is the unique sticker out of this collection due to its holographic effect – along with the fact that Valve removed it like the others from the sticker capsule featured in this article.

As you can see, the sticker’s color is quite rare; the mossy greenish theme perfectly complements the holographic background.

This is the same 2014 style of holographic effect that we have loved for years, that with new stickers we do not receive—giving it that tad more exclusivity. 

You can soon notice the pattern of these stickers, which is very unusual and unique.

Yet, it is awesome.

3. King on the Field – $925

This has to be one of the most excellent CSGO stickers available.

It’s just an awesome sticker; the colors work, it’s simple, and it has a good history.

Yet nobody ever has one?

Don’t fear. There are plenty of pre-applied crafts you can buy incredibly cheaply.

You can find these king of the field sticker crafts on BUFF163. 

The red and black colors go perfectly with redline skins!