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2022 VCT Masters & Champions region slots revealed

As Challengers 1 continues to illustrate the landscape in professional Valorant, Riot have released the regional distribution for their slots in Masters and Champions.

We could see the regions change over the course of the year, but the preliminary regional slots are shown in the images below.

Riot Games

Masters regional distribution

The Masters slots have been cut for 2022 – at least from what we saw at the end of the year.

EMEA got two slots in Masters 2, then four slots in Masters 3. To start the year, they’ll only have three.

Korea and Japan have also been reverted to a single slot each. Both regions had one in M2 and two in M3.

SEA retains the two slots they had in Masters 2 while NA reverts to the two slots they had in Masters 2.

Brazil and LATAM are unchanged.

Riot Games

Champions regional distribution

NA, EMEA, Korea, SEA, and Japan all have the same number of Champions slosts as they did last year.

Brazil and LATAM lost a combine slot, but evened it out through the two South American LCQ teams.

APAC also received a region split for LCQ – giving them one additional slot in Champs.

Overall, one more team will make Champions in 2022.

Riot Games