Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

MSI 2022: Royal Never Give Up thank EDward Gaming for MSI help

When push comes to shove, the LPL is a brotherhood. Royal Never Give Up owe quite the favor to fellow LPL team EDward Gaming after the latter helped them prepare for the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational finals.

Despite not participating in MSI, all EDG members’ hands were on deck. According to RNG head coach Kenzhu, EDG extensively scrimmaged with them. Furthermore, EDG top laner Flandre help several training sessions with his RNG counterpart, Bin.

As EDG are known for their macro-oriented gameplay, RNG had the ideal scrim partner ahead of MSI, specifically ahead of the finals against T1. The LPL’s most strategically minded team must have tested RNG’s macro, as the MSI winners stood toe-to-toe against T1 (if not being outright better).

Throughout the tournament, RNG’s mechanics were sharp enough to fend off (or outmatch) T1’s early-game aggression, and their macro did not lag either as they used it to crush Evil Geniuses without breaking a sweat in the semifinals.

Does that mean that EDG also won MSI alongside RNG?