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What’s happening at LoL Worlds 2022? Daily coverage, content, standings, and more

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Action at the 2022 World Championship is all over the place, and it can be difficult to follow due to its schedule. For this reason, Jaxon has compiled a list including all its coverage of Worlds 2022 and a concise standings table, ensuring that you may not miss a piece of news or content. All content will be separated by days and rounds (latest round first).

Jaxon’s Worlds 2022 coverage

If you like the snippets in these summaries, be sure to check the interviews, news, and content pieces. By reverse chronological order (latest to earliest):

Bracket stage events

JD Gaming3
Quarterfinal 1:
Oct. 20 @ 23:00 CET
Royal Never
Give Up
Quarterfinal 2:
Oct. 21 @ 23:00 CET
JD Gaming1
Semifinal 1:
Grand finals
Nov. 6
1:00 CET
Semifinal 2:
Quarterfinal 3:
Oct. 22 @ 23:00 CET
2EDward Gaming
Quarterfinal 4:
Oct. 23 @ 23:00 CET

Worlds 2022 Main event group stage coverage

Worlds 2022 Group A standings

EDward Gaming4-2
As Fnatic crashes and burns, T1 and EDG make it, and the west mourns.

Worlds 2022 Group B standings

JD Gaming5-1 (W)
DWG KIA5-1 (L)
Evil Geniuses1-5
G2 Esports1-5
Meanwhile, Group B belongs to JD Gaming and DWG KIA.

Worlds 2022 Group C standings

DRX4-2 (W)
Rogue4-2 (L)
TOP Esports3-3
GAM Esports1-5
TOP Esports suffer a heavy setback in Group C, and Rogue looks strong

Worlds 2022 Group D standings

Gen.G5-1 (W)
Royal Never Give Up5-1 (L)
CTBC Flying Oyster1-5
100 Thieves1-5
In some way, Royal Never Give Up couldn’t ask for better.

Group B’s turn of events was surprising in a way, as G2 Esports lost against Evil Geniuses in their final match of the year. But that was the only result that went against predictions as both western teams exited the competition in the group stage at 1-5.

There was little to celebrate for G2 Esports and European fans as their losses were more akin to speedruns (yes, even the loss against Evil Geniuses). Thus does the narrative shift from North America’s 0-9 Week 1 at Worlds to Europe’s 0-6 Week 2 so far.

As for JDG and DWG KIA, they left nothing to chance and fielded some of the best games of the tournament back-to-back: DWG beat JDG in the final ‘regular’ game, and JDG had its revenge in a nail-biting tiebreaker.

The west has crashed and burned ahead of schedule, but the result wasn’t surprising in hindsight: T1 and EDward Gaming were the heavy favorites to qualify from Group A, and most of our Group Stage predictions reflected that.

That said, disappointment is palpable as we return to our regularly scheduled program of “The West is doomed at Worlds 2022.” The writer of that article also broke down what happened in Group A in more detail over Oct. 14.

GAM Esports have cemented themselves as the most impressive 0-3 team in the group stage—at least, far more impressive than the entire LCS region. Unlike Cloud9, Evil Geniuses, and 100 Thieves, they have gradually shown signs of life. Their AD carry, Sty1e, is looking forward to the Group C rematches—especially against Rogue.

Meanwhile, Korea’s fourth seed, DRX, is in a comfortable spot in Group C with a 2-1 record and a victory against LPL’s #2 seed Top Esports. The gap between the West and the LCK and LPL might be widening, but the gap is becoming nearly imperceptible between the LCK and LPL according to DRX’s top laner, Kingen.

Meanwhile, Gen.G may not have scored an ideal start in Group D, but they also sit at 2-1, albeit tenuously as CTBC Flying Oyster made them fight for it. Gen.G’s support, Son “Lehends” Si-woo, spoke about their Day 1 struggles, and about EU’s surprising showing so far.

Remarkably, Rogue has taken sole possession of Group C’s top spot and are the best-positioned European team to make it.

Fnatic had the tall task of beating the unpredictable EDward Gaming after their victory against T1 on Day 2, and they nearly did so. However, EDG’s early-game lead was too strong, and Fnatic’s spirited effort couldn’t carry them to the finish line. Nevertheless, mid laner Marek “Humanoid” Brazda was in high spirits as Fnatic stands in a three-way tie in Group A at 2-1, and as the team can qualify out of that group.

Other Group A news: Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok has officially played his 100th game in the world championship, all years included. Fittingly, it was a victory over Cloud9.

Meanwhile, Rogue stands tall in Group C after surviving GAM Esports’ exciting shenanigans, and after DRX toppled Top Esports out of nowhere to throw the group in disarray. In one scenario, Rogue could even stand alone at 3-0, with all other teams at 1-2—reminiscent of the 2021 Worlds’ Group A, where FunPlus Phoenix eventually finished dead last.

However, we can only deplore the emergence of a bug in the final teamfight of the game—one that is causing Orianna’s removal from Worlds until further notice.

As for North America’s LCS, its teams have yet to secure a single win at Worlds 2022. At this point, even CTBC Flying Oyster (PCS) has more victories than a region with three representatives combined. Should the region worry about its future prospects? Or should we chalk it off to poor one-off performances? Nevertheless, C9’s macro was so horrendous that Martin “Rekkles” Larsson was having none of it on a watch party.

Meanwhile, teams have been experiencing terrible FPS issues at Worlds, adding to the tumultuous Worlds experience in 2022. After the COVID-19 false positives, players have to face technical issues unbefitting of a tournament of this prestige as frame rates struggle to reach 120hz (when they would otherwise go over 144hz at the very least) and impact pro player performance, and as players are exposed to blindingly intense lighting on stage.

As for a positive: a record 95 champions have been played during the group stage so far. The keyword here is: so far—that figure is bound to improve as teams play more games and throw more curveballs. Targamas Senna when?

  • Where were you when Fnatic shocked the world and destroyed T1 at Worlds 2022? Many were gasping for air in shock and disbelief (and in delight if they were from Europe). If there was any clear sign that Europe was having a good day, that would be it.
  • It was a good day for Europe indeed: Rogue handily beat DRX in a midgame takeover as Odoamne’s Maokai became unkillable, and G2 Esports demolished Evil Geniuses for the eighth time in a row as Broken Blade’s Fiora handled the North American team.
  • Meanwhile, North America’s nightmare continues as their teams go 0-2 on Day 2, but they have company as the LCK has gone 0-3. Although the losses of DRX and DWG KIA could have been expected, T1’s fall against Fnatic was an early shocker during the tournament.
  • As for the LPL, the teams rolled 9’s all over to go 3-0—particularly JD Gaming, whose victory against DWG KIA came down to Hope’s takeover during the final team fight. As for TOP Esports and EDward Gaming, their games weren’t even close.

Play-in coverage

Knockout Round matchups

The winners of the first match advance to the second match. All matches are best-of-fives.

DetonatioN FocusMe3
Elimination match, Oct 3

Royal Never Give Up3
DetonatioN FocusMe1
Decider match, Oct 4
MAD Lions3
Saigon Buffalo1
Elimination match, Oct 3

Evil Geniuses3
MAD Lions0
Decider match, Oct 4
  • Evil Geniuses wasted no time to claim a Group Stage ticket against MAD Lions, inflicting MAD its second-ever Worlds play-in exit in three Worlds attendances. After failing to win a bo5 in the LEC all year, MAD bows out of the competition with many what-ifs after their missed opportunity against DRX.
  • Meanwhile, DetonatioN FocusMe punched above their weight class as they took one game from Royal Never Give Up, exceeding expectations. Nevertheless, the rest of the series went as one would predict as RNG came back to their senses and won three straight games—the last one with a preview of "LPL Fiora."
  • After the games, Riot Games officialized the group draw as there was no other alternative for either of the four play-in teams: Fnatic head to a spicy Group A, Evil Geniuses are stranded in Group B, whereas DRX and RNG seek to qualify as fourth regional seeds from Group C and D.

Worlds 2022 Play-in Group A standings

TeamRecord (W-L)
Evil Geniuses*3-2
DetonatioN FocusMe*3-2
Beyond Gaming2-3
Chiefs Esports Club0-5
No scrims, no problem: Fnatic thrive in Group A over Evil Geniuses.

Worlds 2022 Play-in Group B standings

Royal Never Give Up4-1
MAD Lions3-2
Saigon Buffalo2-3
Istanbul Wildcats0-5
MAD Lions missed the opportunity to force a three-way tie, and DRX advance.

Play-in group stage coverage

Fnatic and DRX have advanced to the group stage after finishing at the top of their play-in groups.

* - Evil Geniuses, LOUD, and DetonatioN FocusMe played a three-way tiebreaker; and EG captured Group A's second seed.

  • Shock and awe ensue as DetonatioN FocusMe have defeated Evil Geniuses and forced a three-way tiebreaker for second place. Not only that, they sent Fnatic directly to the group stage as EG were unable to tie them for a potential first-place decider.
  • Although LOUD showed promise against DFM in the tiebreakers, Evil Geniuses eventually escaped Group A with the second seed. In doing so, they have avoided a confrontation with Royal Never Give Up, but they will have to fend off either MAD Lions or Saigon Buffalo—both tricky matchups.
  • Meanwhile, we say goodbye to Beyond Gaming, Chiefs Esports Club, Isurus, and Istanbul Wildcats as they have finished below fourth in their groups and are eliminated.

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