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2022 LEC Offseason Tracker

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The 2021 League of Legends offseason has started ahead of its official date, Nov. 15, as teams and players agree verbally to deals that will wreak havoc upon the European scene. After Europe’s relatively early exit at the 2021 World Championship, LEC teams are shaping their answer to European fans’ prayers—of a Worlds victory.

Some teams have done significantly better than others, and current strong teams have much to lose should some of these deals come true. Below are the projected League of Legends lineups, with teams sorted by the order in which they finished the summer split.

Last update: Nov. 18, 2021 – 19:12 CET

Player ID Status Former team First report
Top Armut Under contract MAD Lions
Jungle Elyoya Under contract MAD Lions
Mid RKR Verbal agreement BIG (ERL) Wooloo
AD Carry Unforgiven Verbal agreement SK Gaming (ERL) Dot Esports
Support Kaiser Under contract MAD Lions
Head coach MacC Renewed MAD Lions MAD Lions
Assistant coach Kaas Renewed MAD Lions MAD Lions
Assistant coach Pad Renewed MAD Lions MAD Lions

MAD Lions’ offseason wasn’t easy: although they retained the core of their roster, the rumored departures of Humanoid and Carzzy hurt their firepower.

Yet, as they have supposedly signed the best up-and-coming talent on those positions on the market, their strength remains as MAD prioritized renewing their highly potent coaching staff. Whether that will be enough for them to remain first in the LEC is unknown, particularly due to Team Vitality’s offseason.


Player ID Status Former team First report
Top Wunder Transferred? G2 Esports Dot Esports
Jungle Razork Verbal agreement Misfits Gaming Wooloo
Mid Humanoid Verbal agreement MAD Lions Wooloo
AD Carry Upset Under contract Fnatic
Support Hylissang Under contract Fnatic
Head coach YamatoCannon Under contract Fnatic
Assistant coach ? ? ?

This style denotes contracts that will expire on Nov. 15, 2021, or roles with unknown statuses.

Fnatic’s situation is as unclear as it gets as the team’s attempt at signing Perkz and Alphari backfired, after a botched World Championship campaign sunk their team chemistry down to the Marianas Trench.

To their credit, they have signed one of the best mid laners available on the market, Humanoid. In addition, Bwipo’s departure opened room for Razork to join the team.

However, the top lane situation remains uncertain as Fnatic are linked to several possible options at the position. Although Adam could return as he is under contract until 2023, his future on the team is uncertain.


Player ID Status Former team First report
Top Odoamne Under contract Rogue
Jungle Malrang Verbal agreement DWG KIA Wooloo
Mid Larssen Under contract Rogue
AD Carry Comp Verbal agreement Team Vitality Wooloo, Jaxon
Support Trymbi Under contract Rogue
Head coach SeeEl Verbal agreement Team Vitality (ERL) Anonimotum
Assistant coach Blumigan Under contract Rogue
Analytics Blueknight Under contract Rogue

This style denotes contracts that will expire on Nov. 15, 2021, or roles with unknown statuses.

Rogue’s tenure near the top of the LEC is in danger as they lost key players Inspired and Hans sama to free agency buyouts. In exchange, they controlled the extent of the damage with a straightforward signing (Comp) and a particularly odd one (Malrang).

If the team maximizes Malrang’s impact on the team somehow, the LEC is in for a treat. However, it would take more than the resources currently at Rogue’s disposal for the team to reliably succeed.

Important note: The coaching staff’s contracts expire in 2021, and there is no telling what could happen.


  • Nov. 4: Trouble in Rogue as Travis Gafford reports that two players are headed to North America: Inspired and Hans sama.
  • Nov. 9: Dot Esports’ Jacob Wolf doubles down on the “Inspired to NA” report, with Rogue nearing a deal with Evil Geniuses.
  • Nov. 10: Rogue seem to bounce back quickly according to Wooloo as they reportedly acquire Malrang from DWG KIA. This transfer would be the first LCK-to-EU move of the offseason—and possibly the last.
  • Nov. 11: Anonimotum and Jaxon discover that Comp is on his way to Rogue.
  • Nov. 15: Sources close to Anonimotum have disclosed that SeeEl will be Rogue’s new head coach, coming from Vitality.Bee.
Player ID Status Former team First report
Top Broken Blade Verbal agreement Schalke 04 Esports Esportmaniacos, Jaxon
Jungle Jankos Under contract G2 Esports
Mid Caps Under contract G2 Esports
AD Carry Flakked Verbal agreement MAD Lions (ERL) Dot Esports
Support Targamas Verbal agreement Karmine Corp (ERL) Dot Esports
Head coach Dylan Falco Rumored Schalke 04 Esports Esportmaniacos
General manager Romain Bigeard Confirmed Riot Games Dot Esports

G2 Esports’ failure to reach the 2021 World Championship caused an upheaval within the League of Legends team as Wunder, Rekkles, mikyx and GrabbZ became available on the buyout market.

A core cracking process was the correct choice, but G2 will need patience before recapturing its former glory in full, particularly as Team Vitality surged to the top throughout the offseason (using Perkz at that).

Important (?) note: We had to include Romain here as he joins Alban Dechelotte aboard the G2 ship. Bon courage !


  • Sept. 3: Esportmaniacos’ Yuste reports that GrabbZ may be on his way out.
  • Sept. 15: Esportmaniacos report that G2 Esports are in discussions with former Schalke 04 Esports head coach Dylan Falco and top laner Broken Blade. Yuste later adds that the team is rebuilding around Caps and Jankos, and that Rekkles is not part of G2’s plans.
  • Sept. 21: Wooloo reports that mikyx will not be playing for G2 Esports in 2022.
  • Sept. 28: Dot Esports’ Bloop reports that Rekkles and G2 Esports will part ways, and that they are trying out AD carries to replace him.
  • Oct. 11: G2’s owner, ocelote, announces that Wunder, mikyx, GrabbZ, Rekkles and many others are available on the buyout market.
  • Oct. 14: Dot Esports’ Jacob Wolf reports that Romain Bigeard is headed to G2 Esports as their League of Legends general manager.
  • Oct. 29: Jaxon reports that Broken Blade and G2 Esports have reached a verbal agreement for 2022.
  • Oct. 30: Dot Esports’ Bloop reports that Targamas and G2 Esports have agreed to collaborate in 2022.
  • Nov. 2: Dot Esports’ Bloop reports that Flakked has joined G2 as their AD carry.
  • Nov. 15: In the biggest transfer in history from the LEC to the European Regional League circuit, Rekkles has joined Karmine Corp according to L’Equipe. Esportmaniacos’ Yuste was first to report the rumor.
  • Nov. 16 @ 10:56 p.m. CET: Wunder will play in the LEC in 2022 after all. According to Dot Esports’ Bloop, G2 Esports and Fnatic may have agreed to terms on the player’s transfer.
  • Nov. 17 @ 11:57 p.m. CET: According to Anonimotum (Upcomer), G2’s previously reported verbal agreement with Broken Blade is set to materialize in a three-year contract.
Player ID Status Former team First report
Top HiRit Verbal agreement Misfits Gaming Anonimotum
Jungle Shlatan Verbal agreement Misfits Academy (ERL) Wooloo
Mid Vetheo Under contract Misfits Gaming
AD Carry Neon Verbal agreement Schalke 04 Esports Anonimotum
Support VandeR Under contract Misfits Gaming
Head coach Carter Under contract Misfits Gaming
Assistant coach xani Under contract Misfits Gaming
Strategic coach Hiiva Promoted? Misfits Gaming Wooloo

The Razork era has ended on a near-Worlds qualification and two bo5 losses, and Misfits are left picking up the pieces. Fortunately, they have a solid core with VandeR, Vetheo and HiRit—the latter verbally agreeing to a return—and the additions of Shlatan and Neon are laudable.

Misfits’ fortunes will depend on Shlatan’s integration within the lineup and on his progress. There should be little concern on Neon’s aptitude as he has shown to be a potent AD carry, equivalent to Kobbe at worst.


Player ID Status Former team First report
Top Alphari Verbal agreement Team Liquid Anonimotum
Jungle Selfmade Under contract Team Vitality
Mid Perkz Verbal agreement Cloud9 Anonimotum
AD Carry Carzzy Verbal agreement MAD Lions Wooloo
Support Labrov Under contract Team Vitality
Head coach Mephisto Promoted Team Vitality L’Equipe
Assistant coach ? ? ? ?

This style denotes an uncertain move.

Team Vitality have smashed the offseason to smithereens, leaving nothing on their wake. Their 2020 offseason setback is behind them as they finally form their superteam—with arguably better pieces across the board.

Considering the firepower this team packs, a coach with outstanding game knowledge is necessary to bring it together. As it turns out, Mephisto was already on board, and his promotion from assistant coach to head coach demonstrates that Team Vitality have come to terms with becoming the #1 team in the LEC—bar shenanigans.


  • Sept. 2: Eros notes that Selfmade is here to stay.
  • Oct. 25: Anonimotum reports that Perkz and Alphari are interested in teaming up, and that Team Vitality is one of their potential suitors.
  • Nov. 1: Anonimotum doubles down, this time reporting that Team Vitality won the Perkz/Alphari sweepstakes. A superteam may be take shape…
  • Nov. 1: Wooloo makes a HUGE splash with uncovering Carzzy’s potential arrival within Team Vitality.
  • Nov. 5: Dot Esports’ Bloop doubles down on Carzzy’s impending arrival to Team Vitality, adding that the player is in for three years.
  • Nov. 10: L’Equipe’s Paul Arrivé reports that Louis-Victor “Mephisto” Legendre will be taking over as head coach.
  • Nov. 16 @ 1:28 a.m. CET: Dot Esports’ Bloop reports that Caedrel is considering a coaching opportunity within Team Vitality. If he chooses to coach over casting, he would join as an assistant coach. Bloop adds that Team BDS and SK Gaming also approached him, but he preferred Vitality.
  • Nov. 18: Caedrel has announced on Twitter that he will return to the LEC as a caster for 2022. Dot Esports’ report was correct, but Caedrel eventually chose to pursue casting over coaching.
Player ID Status Former team First report
Top Finn Confirmed Counter Logic Gaming Wooloo
Jungle Markoon Under contract Excel Esports
Mid Nukeduck Confirmed Excel Esports Jaxon
AD Carry Patrik Confirmed Excel Esports Wooloo
Support Advienne Under contract Excel Esports
Head coach Youngbuck Confirmed Excel Esports Anonimotum
Assistant coach Unlimited Under contract Excel Esports

This style denotes contracts that will expire on Nov. 15, 2021, or roles with unknown statuses.

“The more things change, the more they stay the same” is what would have been written here, had Excel Esports not performed their changes mid-season. The arrivals of Markoon and Advienne revitalized Excel Esports from top to bottom, and it unearthed a working blueprint for a potential contender.

However, the top lane remained vacant for a long time Kryze failed to negotiate a deal after the season, and as more options became available. In the end, Finn has apparently earned the spot as he returns from his North American trip.


  • Sept. 8: Anonimotum notes that head coach YoungBuck is set to return to Excel Esports. Jaxon subsequently confirms the news on its Kryze report.
  • Sept. 9: Jaxon reports that Kryze was negotiating a potential return with Excel Esports. However, as advanced as those discussions were, the parties did not reach a verbal agreement.
  • Nov. 7: Wooloo reveals that Patrik is returning to the organization ahead of 2022.
  • Nov. 10: Jaxon reports that Nukeduck is set to return to the lineup.
  • Nov. 14: Finn is back in Europe, according to Wooloo (now on Upcomer). The player is heading to Excel Esports’ top lane, taking over Kryze’s position.
  • Nov. 17: Excel Esports have extended Nukeduck’s contact for 2022.
  • Nov. 18: Excel Esports have announced their top laner: Finn—as previously reported.
Player ID Status Former team First report
Top Whiteknight Under contract Astralis
Jungle Zanzarah Under contract Astralis
Mid dajor Confirmed Fnatic Rising (ERL) Gliscor
AD Carry Kobbe Confirmed Misfits Gaming Jaxon
Support Promisq Under contract Astralis
Head coach AoD Under contract Astralis
Assistantcoach Hansen Under contract Astralis
Coach Donby Under contract Astralis
Analyst Arailla Under contract Astralis

After coming close to a playoff appearance, Astralis rebuilt their roster around Whiteknight and Zanzarah—to much fanfare—and promisq—to much bewilderment. The resulting team is rather promising on paper, at least if Astralis aims for a playoff appearance.

However, with every other team around them stepping up, their playoff prospects are slim on paper, bar auspicious patch changes.


  • Sept. 22: Astralis part ways with MagiFelix. The player’s arrival late in the spring split helped the team contend for a playoff spot during the summer, but they ultimately failed to capture it.
  • Oct. 18: Astralis part ways with Jeskla.
  • Oct. 30: Jaxon reports that Kobbe is on his way to Astralis.
  • Nov. 3: Declan McLaughlin (Upcomer) reports that Zanzarah and promisq will remain in Astralis for 2022. The two players are signed throughout 2023.
  • Nov. 12: Esportmaniacos’ Gliscor reports that Fnatic Rising mid laner dajor is headed to Astralis’s LEC squad for 2022.
  • Nov. 18 @ 4:00 p.m. CET: Astralis have confirmed dajor’s signing. Fnatic Rising’s mid laner has stepped into LEC territory.
Player ID Status Former team First report
Top Jenax Under contract SK Gaming
Jungle Gilius Verbal agreement Schalke 04 Esports Wooloo
Mid Sertuss Verbal agreement Misfits Gaming (ERL) Wooloo
AD Carry Jezu Under contract SK Gaming
Support Treatz Verbal agreement SK Gaming
Head coach Swiffer Verbal agreement BT Excel (ERL) Anonimotum
Assistant coach Tom Under contract SK Gaming

This style denotes contracts that will expire on Nov. 15, 2021, or roles with unknown statuses.

SK Gaming have gone back to the future as they have reportedly signed former 2015 Worlds substitute turned S04 Miracle architect Gilius, Misfits Premier’s mid laner Sertuss, and their offseason would have ended if Jesiz remained as the team’s head coach.

If SK Gaming preserves Gilius’s trust in them, they are in for a treat as the lineup would finally contend for a playoff spot at least, as raw talent, creativity and experience combine solidly. For that, they need a coach who encourages cooperation and creativity above all else.


  • Oct. 12: Wooloo reports that Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels is set to join SK Gaming as its general manager.
  • Oct. 12: Anonimotum reports that Australian former mid laner turned coach Simon “Swiffer” Papamarkos will join SK Gaming as their head coach.
  • Oct. 30: Gilius’ former teammate, Sertuss, is on his way to SK Gaming according to Wooloo.
  • Nov. 3: Wooloo reports that Treatz is returning to SK Gaming for 2022.
  • Nov. 6: Wooloo also adds that Gilius will be joining the organization.
  • Nov. 11: Blue might be out of SK Gaming as Dignitas are reportedly interested in his services, Travis Gafford reports.
Player ID Status Former team First report
Top Adam Verbal agreement Fnatic Wooloo + Anonimotum
Jungle Cinkrof Verbal agreement Karmine Corp Wooloo
Mid Nuclearint Transferred? Schalke 04 Esports Anonimotum
AD Carry xMatty Verbal agreement Karmine Corp Jaxon
Support LIMIT Transferred? Schalke 04 Esports Wooloo
Head coach GrabbZ Verbal agreement G2 Esports Anonimotum
Assistant coach ? ? ? ?

Team BDS have entered the LEC as they bought Schalke 04 Esports’ LEC spot, and they seem to have retained Nuclearint, LIMIT, and some staff members on the management side. Beyond that, they have also nudged two three Karmine Corp players out (including Adam as of Nov. 15), and they have agreed verbally with GrabbZ.

BDS may have the money, but they have chosen to invest on emerging talent for their first year. The approach may not land them at the top right away, but GrabbZ has worked with emerging talent before – on Team ROCCAT before franchising.


  • June 29: Team BDS acquire Schalke 04 Esports’ LEC slot.
  • Oct. 13: Anonimotum reports that GrabbZ is reportedly joining Team BDS as their head coach.
  • Oct. 31: Wooloo doubles down on Anonimotum’s GrabbZ report, further adding that NUCLEARINT and LIMIT’s contracts carried over. Although not the first to report those two moves, the timing revealed that the LIMIT domino had fallen in BDS’ hands.
  • Nov. 5: Anonimotum reports that Cinkrof and BDS have verbally agreed to a contract ahead of the 2022 offseason.
  • Nov. 9: Jaxon reports that xMatty has verbally agreed to joining BDS as well. He is the second KCorp player to do so. Anonimotum and Dot Esports also report on the move.
  • Nov. 15: The rumor that has circulated for a while is apparently becoming reality: Adam is joining former KCorp teammates Cinkrof and xMatty on the BDS ship. Suddenly, Team BDS’s prospects are significantly rosier.
  • Nov. 16 @ 2:12 a.m. CET: Dot Esports’ Bloop adds fuel to BDS’ top lane situation: Adam is in. Our commiserations to Counter Logic Gaming…
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