Credit: Oshin Tudayan/Riot Games via ESPAT

2022 LCS Offseason Tracker

The 2021 League of Legends offseason has started ahead of its official date, Nov. 15, as teams and players agree verbally to region-altering deals in North America. Indeed, a huge influx of top European players and the odd LCK import have turned this offseason into a spicy one across the Atlantic.

Below are the projected League of Legends lineups, with teams sorted by the order in which they finished the summer split.

Last updated: Nov. 21 @ 8:30 p.m. CET

Player ID Status Former team First report
Top Ssumday Under contract 100 Thieves -
Top Tenacity Under contract 100 Thieves -
Jungle Closer Under contract 100 Thieves -
Mid Abbedagge Under contract 100 Thieves -
AD Carry FBI Under contract 100 Thieves -
Support Huhi Under contract 100 Thieves -
Head coach Reapered Under contract 100 Thieves -
Assistant coach Freeze Under contract 100 Thieves -
Assistant coach mithy Verbal agreement Cloud9 Dot Esports

All is quiet in 100 Thieves land as they showed promise at Worlds 2021 despite spending relatively little time with mid laner Abbedagge on the lineup. Considering how close they came to causing a ruckus at Worlds, an offseason move from their end would be a surprise.


Player ID Status Former team First report
Top Impact Under contract Evil Geniuses -
Jungle Inspired Confirmed Rogue Travis Gafford
Mid jojopyun Promoted Evil Geniuses Academy Travis Gafford
AD Carry Danny Under contract Evil Geniuses -
Support Vulcan Confirmed Cloud9 Travis Gafford
Head coach Peter Dun Under contract Evil Geniuses -
Assistant coach Artemis Under contract Evil Geniuses -