Time and time again, the French crowd keeps impressing the world of esports. 

Unlike anywhere else, LFL fans support their teams with such tremendous passion. The atmosphere gives you chills.

Karmine Corp fans, though, take it to the next level. Just watch:

They organized an LFL viewing event in Paris with over 12000 people attending. The tickets sold out in a few hours, with tens of thousands of fans left on the waitlist.

French audience is no stranger to making a spectacle in Accor Arena, as the 2019 Worlds final where G2 played vs. FPX remains one of the best crowds in Worlds history.

Before Karmine Corp’s League of Legends team squares off against Misfits Premier later tonight, the KCX2 event features their Valorant Regional League game. 

They’re also celebrating World Music Day with multiple artists taking the stage.

In addition to the live audience in Accor Arena, over 140,000 fans watch the event on Kameto(KC’s CEO) ‘s Twitch channel.

Karmine Corp is LEC ready

Karmine Corp fanbase is pushing the boundaries in esports, despite not even playing in the highest tier competition. 

This brings us to the question: is it time for KC to join the LEC? The fans are more than LEC worthy, that’s for sure.

Blue Wall is outclassing LCS and matching LEC numbers in viewership, and we are sure that Riot is watching. Will they recognize it and acknowledge it? That remains to be seen.

Zoran Papak is a Croatian esports writer for jaxon.gg. His biggest passion and emphasis by far is League of Legends, and he diligently covers the esports scene for the world's biggest MOBA. His knowledge of competitive LoL is equaled by only a scarce few. When he's not bringing the latest news from the League of Legends scene, Zoran also contributes coverage in other areas, including in competitive Counter-Strike.