Yeah, yeah, go on, post your ‘NA LUL’s and KEKWs. I don’t really care. I’m on board the 100T train, and I think people are going to be surprised by them.

It’s easy to completely disregard all NA teams because, well, they’re an NA team. And generally, that’s fair. I’m not gonna mess around and say that isn’t a fair idea to hold, but you might want to reassess when it comes to 100T.

I mean first off, they’re barely American.

Best NA team is one EU one TR two Korean one Australian KEKW

Go and look at the 100 Thieves roster and figure out quite why they’re not over the import limit.

Yeah, those two guys with Korean flags and the Australian guy count as NA, because the import limit is essentially the equivalent of a garden fence to a bird.

That alone makes them much scarier than a real NA team, but they’re also surprisingly good at League of Legends, which is the second most important reason they might do well in a LoL tournament behind not being American.

Closer is a sensational jungler, and not just by LCS standards. Lest you forget he played on the same team as BrokenBlade, and we’ve seen how good he has become, and in the same league as Caps and Armut have, so it’s not just that he has pedigree in the West.

FBI and Huhi have transformed themselves into the scariest bot lane in North America, and mechanically they will not be outclassed by many teams at Worlds. Seriously, they will surprise you if you haven’t seen them before. FBI is a mechanical beast, and Huhi is the brains to meet the brawn. 

I don’t need to tell you how good Abbedagge is – if you’re reading this, you already know. Guy smurfed on NA the way you expected Perkz to.

Cloud9 will be the NA team that everyone thinks can upset the odds, but 100T are clearly the better team. C9 are an uncoordinated mess and Blaber appears to have been broken by his MSI performance; while Closer completely destroyed Team Liquid and C9. Predicting Perkz to go further than 100T is purely narrative based – Cloud9 are nowhere near.

100T do have issues, though, that will hamper them against the truly elite teams. Their midgame can be extremely slow, and Ssumday has not been as reliable as he always used to be. Good teams will not let them get an early lead and sit on it, and 100T’s drafts rarely allow them much room to breathe in those cases.

Don’t forget, though, that the coach who was famous for getting C9 into Worlds playoffs, now coaches 100T.

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