100 Thieves take out Gen.G to open NA LCQ

LCQ favorite 100 Thieves took on Gen.G to start the NA side of Last Chance Qualifiers.


Riot Games

Breeze: Gen.G 13 - 100T 10

100 Thieves looked dominant to open the series, winning the first five attacking rounds and ending the half 7-5. 

When Gen.G got on attack, they were able to consistently control mid and hallway, pushing onto the A site with Viper utility.

100T didn't seem to be able to make the proper adjustments, only taking the two pistol rounds and a third rifle round while defending.

Split: 100T 13 - Gen.G 8

The roles were reversed on Split, as both squads got little done on the attacking side.

In the end, the difference was one attacking push as 100 Thieves took three attacking-side rounds to Gen.G's two.

Nitr0 was a menace on Jett during the match, with five first bloods and some nasty work with the Operator.

Icebox: 100T 12 - Gen.G 4

After a comeback loss on Breeze and a tough win on Split, 100 Thieves put it away with a dominant performance on Icebox.

This was probably b0i's best performance as well, proving that Icebox remains one of 100T's strongest maps.