100 Thieves pull off a miracle to take down Team Liquid

What a ridiculous series.

100T looked down and out going in to game three, and at times seemed to have lost it in game four and five.

But the LCS champions from last year are champions for a reason, and they stand tall in the fiesta. They were born and moulded by the fiesta. You can't beat them in it.

What a way to end it

Game one was a complete stomp, as 100 Thieves couldn't resist scrapping with Team Liquid at every given opportunity and getting smacked all over the rift.

Nothing epitomised that more than huhi dying at level 2 on his trademark Sett.

And while Ssumday 'outplayed' (and I use that lightly) Bwipo to pick up a kill, he was unable to lift Abbedagge and huhi onto his shoulders and carry game two. Hans Sama looked unkillable, and Santorin and Bjergsen impervious.

But 100T stood tall, and cut through the Soraka healing (yes, Soraka) and once more punish Bwipo on the topside of the map to show some life.

Game four was a back-and-forth affair, but Bwipo's Lucian was unable to deal with Ornn, who quickly became invincible and gave space for FBI to take them home to a decider. 

And that's where things got wild.

FBI picked up a couple of kills in a mid-game skirmish to turn a TL-favoured game into the Thieves' favour, and when TL facechecked 100T by the Baron, 100T took control.

Well, a funny type of control, anyway.

They took the nexus turrets, but were unable to finish it off - but with Abbedagge's TF having two bites at the cherry, he went for the world's slowest backdoor and pulled it off. It's not exactly Trick2g clubbing the nexus to death, but it was a fitting end to Liquid's capitulation.