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Today saw two Masters 3 qualified teams battle for some extra prize money, positioning, points, and pride.

Envy and 100 Thieves, who have both already qualified for Berlin, met in the best of three in the Lower Bracket finals for the NA Challengers 3 Playoffs.

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Haven & Breeze

Envy flexed a powerful Haven attack, which 100T couldn’t counter when the sides shifted.

Envy took the first map relatively easily, 13-5

Breeze, 100T’s map pick, was much more competitive. Asuna had a slow start, but picked things up in a big way towards the end – something his 18/17 K/D doesn’t convey.


Ascent was another back-and-forth map, with 100 Thieves threatening to run away with it after the half.

It was Envy that battled back, winning four rounds in a row while 100T was on match point.

In the end, 100 Thieves was able to squash Envy’s momentum and hang on to win 13-10.


Next up was everyone’s favorite, Icebox. 100 Thieves have had a lot of success on this map and Envy have been avoiding it in the recent past.

That’s not to say that this is a bad map from Envy, as they nearly took Sentinels to overtime the last time they played on it.

Envy showed that their lack of tournament Icebox experience doesn’t matter, beating the map favorites 13-8.


It all came down to Split and a relatively anti-climactic finish to a great matchup.

It was 100 Thieves’ turn to dominate, as they flexed their superior strats on their way to a 13-5 victory.

As we said, both teams have already qualified to represent NA in Masters 3.

100 Thieves will now have a higher seed and will receive more prize money from this particular event.

This isn’t the last time we’ll see Envy and 100T face off. The former has now proven that they deserve to be at the top-tier in the region.

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